The month of April is an incredibly significant month in several ways, and I feel the weightiness on this month hugely. This month will set the course of the next year, which I’m sensing both prophetically and through some reading, which I’ll explain.

This year, Passover and Easter fall within just days of one another. It’s hard to miss the significance of that timing or the correlated meaning of sacrifice, life, deliverance, and redemption found in these two celebrations. 

This is also the Hebrew month of Nissan, which is the first month of the year according to the Jewish calendar. In the book, “A Time to Advance” by Chuck Pierce, he shares the significance of Nissan. Among other things, Nissan is associated with the tribe of Judah and is a month characterized by repentance, redemption, and miracles. It’s especially important to watch the words you speak during this month because your words will set the course for your future. It’s also a time to ask God for His strategies for aligning with His purposes and plans. 

Just a reminder . . . His plans are never just about you. You have a role to play in establishing heaven on earth, so keep in mind the global influence and impact you have – your words are far more powerful than you realize! You literally set the course of your life through the words you speak (James 3:2-5) and your life, and how you live it, affects countless others.

April is a time to advance, a time to fearlessly run toward the giants we’re facing, remembering the ways God has defeated our enemies in the past and how He’ll do it again with even greater, more far-reaching impact. David first killed the lion and the bear, which affected his personal life, but when he took down Goliath, it impacted his nation and others as the news spread of the enemy’s defeat. This is a month to fearlessly run toward any Goliaths standing before you and be a giant slayer! Your aim will be sure, and your stone will hit its mark! You have more influence in the world than you realize . . . 

The Lord has been strongly talking to me not just about setting a guard over the words we speak, but He’s been highlighting the importance of making decrees and declarations that will literally create our future and mark our history, both individually and globally. He spoke the world into existence. We’re made of His DNA and Jesus told us, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” (John 14:12) If God creates using His words, we do the same with ours. What are our words forming, building, constructing?

The key for this month? 


There are things we’re holding onto that are preventing us from advancing, slaying, creating, and aligning. Something I keep hearing over and over in my spirit and in conversations with Brian is that we aren’t our pasts; we’re our future – who we’re becoming. Steve Backlund shares a couple of related declarations, “I am not who my past says I am; I am who God says I am” and “I get my identity from my future, not my past.” (@IgnitingHope) 

God has declared about us that “old things have passed away” and “all things have become new” (2 Cor. 5:17). If we can’t let go of things from the past – traumas, wounds, mistakes, past relationships, poor decisions made, and so many other things, we can’t freely, confidently, and fearlessly move forward into all the Lord has for us in our coming days. We embrace excuses that justify our lack of forward movement and reason away why things stay the same and . . . we stay stuck where we’ve been.

I get it – I know how valid it can be to lay blame on things in our past. But . . . if we can’t let go of those things, we can’t advance and that’s exactly what the enemy would like for our lives. Don’t give him the satisfaction! Give God the things you’ve been holding onto. He can be trusted with them and with any needed solutions or healing you’ve been longing for and trying to work out yourself. 

I’ve been clearly hearing the Lord releasing and declaring hope to the world. It’s desperately in need of it! We’re called to be hope carriers, hope-bringers, and hope catalysts. Through the words you speak, birth hope in the hearts of all you meet and align your actions with your hope. That alone is going to shift so much in, around, and through you!

So, this month, LET GO of the things holding you back - past, or present. If you need to ask His forgiveness for anything, it’s the perfect time to do that, especially as we celebrate Jesus’ redemption of us all through His death and resurrection. Take steps forward into your future and embrace the hope God is putting before you. Take aim at the giants you’ve been facing who have tried to intimidate you and make you afraid. Remember - like David, God has already given Goliath into your hands, and you already have the victory (I Sam. 17:47)! Align your words with these truths and believe God for miracles for yourself and others. You’re a miracle worker because Jesus lives in you – walk as one!

You’re going to be in awe of the shift that happens this month as you LET GO . . . and advance!

Living for Him,
Andrea & Brian

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