I totally understand. Our family has faced mountain after mountain. What we’ve walked through has left me questioning God and made me wonder if He could even be trusted. I’ve angrily pushed God away, then just as quickly run after Him because I knew, even in my heartache and confusion, He was the only answer to moving the many mountains we’ve faced.

God longs for us to engage Him in conversation and ask Him questions about our mountains. As we learn to recognize His voice, an intimate friendship grows. Truth is revealed to our hearts and our perspective shifts to become more aligned with His. As that happens, faith for the impossible grows within us . . . even in the face of the most challenging circumstances.

Throughout this book, you’ll engage God in conversation, ask Him hard questions, and lean in to hear His voice.
 You may even discover that some of those mountains you’re facing are by divine design because you have a calling to shape them like wind shapes the earth.

It’s time for you to boldly speak to the mountains you’re facing and change the landscape of the world around you!
Copyright Andrea & Brian Johanson

Photo Credit: Anne Say Photography