Andrea and Brian are known for their conversational, relaxed manner of openly and vulnerably sharing what God has revealed to their hearts through both adversity and victory. Their passion for empowering others to connect intimately with the heart of God and learn to hear His voice can be seen in their desire to create opportunities for people to experience the presence of God.

Andrea and Brian know that in experiencing God’s presence, people are able to more fully discover the truth of God’s character and goodness. In that place of heart connection, transformation naturally happens in people’s hearts and lives. This is the core concept of any message Andrea and Brian share.

Additionally, Andrea and Brian love sharing the “three rules” they’ve based their 30 years of marriage on, as well as what they’ve learned while parenting four children, including how to love prodigals and welcome them home.

As the author of The One Who Moves Mountains, Andrea enjoys sharing the concepts found within the pages of her book, especially regarding wrestling with God and learning how to engage God in conversation.

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Photo Credit: Anne Say Photography