Andrea and Brian believe that when people connect with God’s heart, they come to understand the truth of His character – that He’s good and loving. Once realized, that truth enables people to better understand their identity in Him and walk in the fullness of what they’re called to do on the earth.
The concept of The Renovated Life was born out of an observation Brian had during his years working on countless house renovations. As Brian worked, God began to practically reveal the parallel idea of lives being transformed, or renovated, in much the same way as houses. Some interior work was simple, minor, and easy for anyone to accomplish. Other work required partnering with the Architect and General Contractor as what was currently in place was removed down to the studs or taken down entirely in preparation for a solid rebuild. 

Brian realized it really isn’t much different when it comes to renovating lives. Some renovation within us is minor and requires little cost, time, or effort on our part, and is usually easy for us to complete on our own. Other transformation needs to go much deeper, is a longer process, comes at a greater cost, and more outside help is needed to complete the work. In both cases, what results is greater than what had been.

As Brian and Andrea each applied this understanding to their own life renovation process with Jesus, they gained a greater understanding of what a renovated life can look like and began to journey with others who found themselves wanting the same. The Renovated Life became the natural expansion of what had already been building over time.
Copyright Andrea & Brian Johanson

Photo Credit: Anne Say Photography