New Year, New Promos!

New Year, New Promos!
It's a new year, which means new goals, new chances, and new opportunities to start fresh and make your life the best it can be! Many people's goals in the new year are related to getting healthy, feeling better, and looking better, and January's promos help tackle all three of those areas! For instance, DiGize Vitality and Life 9 can be a big help to rebooting your digestive system and promoting proper digestion.  Scroll down to learn more about each of the great products in this month's promo!

100PV ER Exclusive: 
5ml Digize Vitality

190 PV: 
30 CT Life 9
ER Exclusives: 5ml DiGize & 15 ml Citrus Fresh

250 PV 
15ml Longevity
30 Ct Life 9
ER Exclusives: 5ml DiGize & 15 ml Citrus Fresh

300 PV 
15ml Longevity
Life 9 
5ml Panaway
ER Exclusives: 5ml DiGize & 15 ml Citrus Fresh

Here are a few great ways you can put each of these to good use:

Digize Vitality 5 ml (ER Exclusive): 
This oil is INCREDIBLE for supporting healthy digestion! Some love this oil directly dropped under their tongue or massage DiGize under the navel on the stomach, but being completely honest...the smell of this oil isn't one of our favorites, so we like to take DiGize Vitality in a capsule. We often combine 2-4 drops each of DiGize, Peppermint and Lemon Vitality Oils with a bit of carrier oil, such as olive oil. It's the best digestive system support ever! Did you know many of Young Living's farms actually use DiGize on the soil to encourage good bacterial balance in our farms' dirt!? How cool is that?!

Citrus Fresh 15 ml (ER Exclusive): 
This oil is a blend of five of our citrus oils, along with spearmint, so there's a subtle minty aroma with the citrus scents and it’s totally uplifting . It’s a happy oil, so it's perfect to  diffuse this blend to lift your spirits on a short, winter day. I like to add a drop or two of Joy and really have my spirits soar! Diffusing Citrus Fresh also helps to support function of the creative thinking part of your brain. Try combining it with Clarity when you're working or the kids are studying. Did you know that Citrus Fresh can help smooth skin and keep it looking radiant and healthy? Add Citrus Fresh into your nighttime skincare routine. It's important that it's at night, because the citrus oils in it are photosensitive, so you don't want skin that you've applied it to exposed to sunlight afterward. You'll love how it supports youthful looking skin!

Life 9 Probiotic: 
My guess is that you've heard that probiotics are super beneficial to digestive health. Life 9 has specially designed special delayed-release capsules to help release its contents and get them to the far end of the small intestine & into the large intestine, ensuring that your good bacteria supplementation gets where it needs to go and isn't wasted.  Research shows that most north Americans are chronically deficient in probiotics that play key roles in prevention of preventable illness & disease from birth to old age. Making these a key part of your daily wellness regimen should be a no brainer!

Longevity 15 ml: 
Longevity essential oil blend is the same blend that's in Longevity capsules and is also available in Vitality, and it combines Frankincense, Thyme, Orange, and Clove oils that are all great for overall wellness, but did you know that you can add a drop to some carrier oil or one of your nighttime moisturizers to help with healthy looking skin? Keep in mind, Thyme is a hot oil, so you'll want to make sure you use it sparingly and with a good amount of carrier oil or only a drop in your moisturizer. Plus, with Orange in it, you'll want to use it at night as well. And if you have that same blend in Vitality, you can make your own Longevity capsules while they're out of stock in order to get all the great health benefits!

Panaway 5ml: 
PanAway is the perfect gym partner to help ease and soothe those tired and aching muscles after you work out or do any kind of physical activity. Make it part of a post workout massage or use it just on the areas that need it. Whatever you do, you're going to want to have a bottle or three on hand as you work on your fitness goals!

*Remember, in order to get the Essential Rewards Exclusive DiGize Vitality 5-ml and the Essential Rewards Exclusive Citrus Fresh 15-ml, you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER) and have an order that meets the PV requirements for those items. The extra bonus of meeting these PV amounts with your ER order is that you get even more ER points to spend later!

So, whether you're starting new goals or keeping up the momentum from 2018, the January promos can help you start 2019 right!!!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help placing your order or signing up for Essential Rewards.

Happy Oiling!

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A Few of My Favorite Things: Digestive System Support

A Few of My Favorite Things: Digestive System Support
Let's face it - most of us either overeat on Thanksgiving or we eat foods that we normally keep out of our daily diet. Neither one of those scenarios make for the happiest of digestives systems. 

Don't worry - your Premium Starter Kit has just the support you need. If you haven't discovered it already, Lemon, Peppermint and DiGize Vitality oils are about to become your new, best friends!

So, how do we use this oily trio? Here are a few different ways:

  1. Take 4 drops of each in a capsule following your meal. 
  2. No capsules? Try a drop of DiGize Vitality under your tongue or in a glass of water.
  3. Add 2-4 drops of Lemon Vitality to your water. (Be sure your cup is glass, not plastic.)
  4. Apply Peppermint and/or DiGize essential oil to your abdomen.
Two other additions that are highly recommended would be either Essentialzyme or Essentialzymes-4 and Life 9

Enzymes are crucial to the digestion and assimilation of food and play a primary role in promoting gut health.  Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body's ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection.   They also support immune function and healthy digestion.  You can read more about the importance of each and determine for yourself which of the 4 enzyme options that Young Living offers is right for you by clicking on the links above. In the meantime, here's a bit of information at a glance.

This holiday season, may you gobble 'til you wobble and not regret it! Enjoy!
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Nutrition: Building Block for Learning

Nutrition: Building Block for Learning
What do kids (or adults) need to make the most of each day? A good diet, restful sleep, exercise and a healthy immune system is a great start. These are the topics that we’re going to start digging into, beginning with diet.

You may have heard me say that the tissue that makes up your brain is the same tissue that makes up your gut. More and more research are finding strong connections between gut and brain function, as well as your gut and your emotions. 

A healthy gut is key to a healthy brain, so how do we support healthy guts, especially for our kiddos?

The favorite oily digestive system support combo for the older kids and adults in our house is DiGize, Lemon, & Peppermint Vitality oils. We take 4 drops of each in a capsule that’s topped off with a carrier oil. If you’re just starting out with your oils or if your kiddo is old enough to take a capsule, please begin with 1-2 drops of each. Older kids and adults can instead apply DiGize or Peppermint topically to their abdomens or our younger oilers can apply KidScents TummyGize, which has been specially formulated for them.

We also want to get the most out of the nutrients our foods contain, which is where enzymes come into play. If you haven't already, you can learn about the important enzyme supporting properties of Essentialzymes & Essentialzyme-4 on our blog. Those are perfect for older kids and adults. Younger kids have their very own KidScents MightyZyme Chewable Tablets and they love them! Check out the graphic below to learn how this supplement helps support our kiddos' healthy digestion, enabling them to derive the greatest amount of nutrition from the foods they eat!

This year, YL released KidScents MightyPro, which is a “pixy stick” tasting, synergistic prebiotic and probiotic formulated just for kids. (All the kids are raving about it and asking how many they can have in a day!) It supports gastrointestinal and immune health (2-in-1 bonus!) and maintains gut health in kids, which means fewer missed days of school. YEA!!!

Adults (including college students), would take Life 9 (check out our blog post for more information on this awesome supplement).

Our bodies are fueled by the foods we eat, so eating as many “whole” foods as possible, along with limiting processed foods and sugar, is important. But…that can be harder to do when you’re packing lunches and are constantly on the go with sports and other after school activities, not to mention just trying to get them out of the house with their most important meal filling their bellies. YL has us covered! Did you know that YL has some fantastic food products???

Kids can start their day with Einkorn Flakes Cereal ,Einkorn Granola served with yogurt or berries, or if you’re really ambitious, you can make Einkorn Pancakes & Waffles! (Freeze some ahead and reheat them to make it easier during those early mornings when no one seems to be functioning...)

Not in the mood for any of those? Change it up with your favorite smoothie and add in Pure Protein Complete in either Chocolate or Vanilla Chai flavor. SOOO good and a total favorite in our house! Oh! And send them off with a Ningxia Packet to go or tuck it into their lunch box, especially if they’re needing additional immune system support.

Need a healthy snack to tuck into their lunch bag or to grab on the go? Chocolate Covered Wolfberry Crisp Bars are absolutely AMAZING! They taste REALLY good!!! (And they're a healthier alternative!)
Want to learn more about the benefits of Einkorn? Check out this 2-minute video. It’s super cool! 

Here’s one last idea that you can make ahead, freeze and grab as a yummy snack  during or after school. This is SO delicious that we promise you’re going to have to double the recipe!

Here's to a nutritious, new school year!
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While we’re on the topic of digestion, let’s chat about our 4th pillar of health and gut health companion, enzymes!  This is going to be a longer post, but it’s worth the read!

Enzymes are crucial to the digestion and assimilation of food and play a primary role in promoting gut health. Undigested food wreaks havoc on the body causing overgrowth of yeast, fungi, parasites, bacteria and microorganisms, which are the beginning of disease and inflammation in the body. Enzymes are biological catalysts, which are made of proteins, that speed up chemical reactions and unlock the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in food. 

Enzymes are very specific, and each type of enzyme will only “break down” one type of “food.”  Fats are broken down by enzymes called lipase and this process happens in the mouth. Lipase are in your saliva.  Proteins are broken down by enzymes called protease (aka pepsin) and this process happens in the stomach. Carbohydrates (aka starches) are broken down by enzymes called amylase and this process happens in the small intestine.

Enzymes cannot work, however, without co-factors, and each enzyme is designed to work with a particular co-factor. You’ve heard of these co-factors – they’re called “minerals.” Unless an enzyme is accompanied by its co-factor/mineral, or a substitute co-factor/mineral, it will simply sit around doing nothing. There are eighteen co-factor/minerals in human nutrition. 

Unfortunately, today’s modern diet often creates dietary imbalance with both minerals and enzymes. This is why supplements are important: they can help us maintain dietary balance, so we can get the most nutrients from our foods. Young Living has 4 enzyme support options, Essentialzymes-4, Essentialzyme, Allerzyme, and Detoxzyme, plus one specific to kids, Mightyzyme. 

We’re going to focus specifically on Essentialzymes-4 and Essentialzyme in this post.  Choosing one of either of these two will comprise your 4th pillar of health. You can learn more about each enzyme supplement in the graphics. 

(Thank you to The Oil Posse for much of the above information and several of the graphics!)

 Here’s a breakdown on Essentialzymes-4 and Essentialzymes:

Essentialzymes-4 is a multi-spectrum enzyme complex specially formulated to aid the critically needed digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates commonly found in the modern processed diet. The dual time-release technology releases the animal- and plant-based enzymes at separate times within the digestive tract, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption. Essentialzymes-4 contains Fennel, Rosemary, Tarragon, Ginger, and Lemongrass essential oils, as well as Anise fruit. Each of these play a part in healthy digestion, among many other things. It’s worth doing some research to learn more about their benefits!

Essentialzyme is an advanced, multienzyme complex that promotes digestion and assists in the assimilation of nutrients. Enzyme supplementation is particularly important for people who need extra support for their pancreas and bile duct so that enzymes are not prevented from reaching the intestines.  Essentialzyme contains tarragon, peppermint, anise, fennel, and clove essential oils to improve overall enzyme activity, and support healthy pancreatic function. If you’re looking for that type of support and/or enzyme support that’s gluten-free, Essentialzyme is your preferred option.
You can learn more from YL’s founder, D. Gary Young, regarding the importance of enzymes in his blog post, “Commitment to Enzymes and Good Health:”
 If you’d like to know even more about Allerzyme, you can check out a blog post I did on it last month.
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