A Few of My Favorite Things: GOOD Morning Start!

A Few of My Favorite Things: GOOD Morning Start!
Continuing with my series on "A Few of My Favorite Things"...Here are my favorite ways to kick off my day! 
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Shower & Glam
  • I shower using YL's Morning Start Bath Gel and  finish with the ART skincare system. I love how both make my skin feel and they're free of harmful toxins and chemicals, which makes them even better!

  • Savvy Minerals makeup is applied (click on the link to see all of the latest colors & application tips) and lasts ALLLLL day!
My Must-Have Morning Supplements & Oils
  • 1-2 ounces of Ningxia Red (Immune System Support & Support of Overall Wellness in each body system)
  • 1 T Mindwise (Clear thinking, focus, heart health and so much more! What a HUGE difference this makes for me!)
  • Super B (maintain healthy energy levels, supports mood, cardiovascular and cognitive function)
  • Sulfurzyme, AgileEase, & BLM (For LOTS of joint support and more, especially as I continue to support my body in healing from recent injuries.)
  • Super C (immune System Support)
  • Super Cal Plus (Bone Health) - I'm 49 and female...need I say more as to why this supplement is so important?
  • Lady Sclereol (Healthy Hormonal Balance & to enhance the feminine nature) - apply it below the outer, right ankle on the soft area and on the pulse points, like perfume
  • Last, but definitely not least...I do a swipe of Endoflex and Lemongrass (pre-mixed with a carrier oil in a roller bottle) directly on my thyroid. It helps to support a healthy endocrine system, hormonal balance and energy levels
That may seem like a lot to do before you head out the door, but it takes less than 5 minutes to take the supplements and you could always pre-load them into a weekly pill box for even greater convenience. Also, nothing says you need to (or should) do everything I do. Take the suggestions that you think would work for you and leave the rest behind. And...

ENJOY your day!!!

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