Oh, Rose....!
Did you know that it takes 12,000 rose petals (22 POUNDS) to make a single 5 ml bottle of pure Rose oil?

One drop - just ONE - contains 60 ROSES.

Let's do the math. 60 roses per drop x 85 drops (on average) in a 5 ml bottle = 5100 roses in Every. Single. Bottle.
The cool thing? These 5100 roses won't wilt, fade or die and they have the most amazing properties that help build self-esteem, confidence and mental strength, opening the heart and mind. It has the highest frequency of all oils (320 MHZ), making it incredibly supportive of your body's health and wellness. It's also amazing for your skin...

And...it's 10% off February 14th through the 16th!!!!

This Valentine's Day, ask him for roses that will LAST or gift yourself - you're worth every drop of Rose goodness!

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