Young Living continues to show how generous they are with a 10% off enrollment promotion running through the month of February! What a great way to help others and at the same time help you reach your February goals:)

Here's how the 10% Off Enrollment Code works:

When you place an order of 100PV on Subscribe to Save and/or Shop you will receive a 10% code to give to a friend and help them get started with a discount. Nice right? Want to learn more? Check out this post for more details.

Don’t forget you get free shipping and wonderful products. AND . . . You can earn two codes this month - one for your Subscribe to Save order, and one for a Shop order!

Here are the rest of the wonderful February promotions when you place the corresponding PV order:

190 PV
ONE HEART, S2S Bonus, 5ml

Ylang Ylang:
Ylang Ylang means Flower of Flowers. It’s the oil of LOVE and it balances male & female energies, combats anger & low self-esteem. It can be used to battle stress, support focus, concentration, and filter out negative energy. Your heart will love this oil. Let’s just say that Valentine’s day is not going to be complete without this aroma. Grapefruit plus Ylang Ylang makes a luscious “Sunshine in a Bottle” roll-on or spray! Or put a few drops of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine in some Epsom salts for a luscious bath!

One Heart:
One Heart was created to celebrate the joy of unity and connection. One Heart’s proprietary blend includes Valor, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Ocotea, Lime, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Spearmint, and Jasmine—creating a delightfully uplifting aroma that generates positive feelings and invokes confidence. Wear it as a perfume… diffuse it… put it in the bath… but get it on your body… so it can work its magic! The beautiful One Heart label was designed by Anita Perlaza, a graduate of our Young Living Academy in Ecuador who said, “I think that if all people can join and collaborate, we can do great things together.”

You can watch the video about One Heart here.


Lavender Bath Bombs:
YL bath bombs are a product I don't think people treat themselves to enough…but once you've experienced them you're gonna know what I mean when I say you can't be without them! Infused with lavender oil, your kiddos will love them too! I am so excited YL is treating them to us for FREE this month. These would make a thoughtful gift or just pamper yourself! These bath bombs will take your bath to the next level - like a luxury spa experience in your own house! They will also leave your skin feeling silky soft, too.

Dropper Bottle:
Do you have a favorite diffuser blend? Mix it up right in the dropper bottle, and save time in the morning filling your diffuser! Here is one of my most-loved diffuser recipes to put in a dropper: Mix up a Glow Serum! Try 20 drops Elemi (Free this month!) or Frankincense, and then 5-10 drops of any combination of these skin-supporting oils - Geranium (Also a freebie!!!), Blue Tansy, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Copaiba, Lavender, Patchouli…and top off with Rose Hip Oil, which contains a wealth of essential fatty acids making it an amazing option for dry skin. Bonus if you add a few drops of Rose!!!!!

ELEMI, 5ml

This is what we like to call “poor man’s frankincense”, but really that doesn’t do it justice because it’s amazing for so many other reasons! It is SO GOOD for wrinkles!!!!! It’s your skin’s BFF! Rub a drop over your face before you apply your moisturizer. Also, it’s a powerhouse for muscles and nerve support!!! Add this to your muscle rollers for added relief.

Geranium is an oil to keep close by in the kitchen for those mishaps with the knife. Add to your moisturizer for radiant, dewy, even-toned skin. Did you know that some folks add geranium to their hot tub instead of chlorine? Add a few drops to your body lotion and apply it to your skin before and after swimming to help combat the effects of chlorine. Do you dry brush? If so, try putting some Geranium on your skin before you brush!! Aromatically, the smell of Geranium helps release negative emotions. Diffuse it for a happy mood… and feelings of peace and hope.

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