On the Second Day of Christmas...
On the second day of oils my true love gave to me....a bottle of DiGize! (And, dang...are we grateful for it following every big, holiday meal!)

Keepin' it real? This one isn't my favorite to smell, BUT...when it works as well as it does in giving us the kind of digestive system support we need when we need it, that's a most welcome gift to our four-out-of-six-gluten-intolerant-family!

DiGize is hands down, second to none for digestive system support. We like to combine DiGize Vitality with Lemon and Peppermint Vitality oils and take 4 drops of each in a veggie capsule. (Not only is it super effective taking it in a capsule, I also don't have to smell it when it's taken that way.) Others put a drop  of DiGize Vitality directly under their tongues, drink it in water, or rub it  over their bellies.

When our daughter, Abigail, went to third world countries last year, traveling from here to kingdom come, this momma made sure that she had plenty of DiGize along to address anything she might accidentally encounter. When we visited her in the Philippines, we made sure to bring some for us, too!  #prepared #WorldTravelerMustHave

So, despite its not-as-pleasant smell, the relief that it brings for every occasional digestive angst or indiscretion is a GIFT in oily form!
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