Did you hear the news about the 10% off enrollment coupons and how they work?! 

Anyone can earn these with a 100 PV Subscription order and/or a 100 PV Shop order. That means you can actually earn TWO of these coupons if you make your 100 PV Subscription order and do a 100 PV Shop order this month as well!

The codes are emailed to you within a week of your order, then they can be shared with someone who wants to enroll with Young Living as either a Customer or a Brand Partner, and they'll receive 10% off their first order with Young Living (it can be Shop or Subscription)

Note: As always, the PV is discounted as well, so be aware that this works the same way as any other discounted item would.

Whether you're a Customer or a Brand Partner, you'll be earning these with your 100 PV orders! As you share about your love of Young Living with others, you can make a difference in someone else's life and earn a commission if you're a Brand Partner. 

Not a Brand Partner yet? Whether you want to grow a thriving business or share occasionally, it's easy to make the transition and you could at least get your Young Living products paid for if you choose to do that. Check out Young Living's Income Disclosure Statement for more information regarding earnings.

Here's an FAQ from Young Living about these exciting enrollment coupons! If you have any other questions, please reach out.

Q What is the 10 percent off enrollment coupon?
A: When you spend 100 PV on a Subscribe to Save or Shop order in February, you’ll earn a one-time coupon that you can share with one new enrollee to be used at time of enrollment on their first order. There is no minimum purchase required to redeem the enrollment code. We’ll email the coupon code to you within one week of your qualifying order. You must be opted in to Young Living emails to receive this email with your code. The coupon can be used any time from until April 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m., MT.

Q Can I earn more than one 10 percent off enrollment coupon?
A. Yes, you can earn one coupon for a 100 PV+ Shop order and another coupon for a 100 PV+ Subscription order. Each code will be emailed separately to you within a week of when the qualifying order is made.

Q Can I use my 10 percent off enrollment coupon myself?
A. No, this coupon is intended to be shared with new enrollees only. To be eligible to use the coupon, the new enrollee needs to enroll and place an order using the code on their first order before April 30th, 2022.

Q: Will my new enrollees PV be discounted when they use the 10 percent off Coupon code?
A: Yes, the PV will be discounted 10 percent as well.

Q: Can the coupon code be used more than once?
A: No, this is a one-time use code only and will only work for a new enrollment order.

Q: Does my enrollee have to purchase a certain amount of PV to use the coupon?
A: No, this coupon is one time use only.

Q: What do I do if I didn’t get the email with the code?
A: If you do not get your email code, please make sure to check junk or spam folders. If you still cannot find your code and it has been over five business days, please email our customer service promotion team at promotions@youngliving.com.

Q: Does my new enrollment need to be a brand partner or customer?
A: They can enroll as a brand partner or customer.

Q: Can both brand partners and customers earn this offer?
A: Yes, both brand partners and customers can qualify to earn the 10% off enrollment coupon if they place 100PV+ order.

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