I’ve been wrestling these first 10 days of this new year. Maybe you have been too? This morning, it all made sense and I finally feel like the cogs of the mechanism of life have aligned and shifted into place. Did you feel a shift in the spirit this morning?
As I sat in His presence reading a couple of books on intercession, I sensed the Holy Spirit begin to download prayer strategy to me for this season and wanted to journal it. I wrote the date and God highlighted it to me. I realized there were 21 days left in the month, starting today, and the days I felt I’d botched or missed so far this month due to distraction weren’t lost after all.

I knew in that instant today is a fresh start and He was inviting me to a concentrated 21 days with Him that would be accelerated and far make up for any days I’d missed so far.

As I took communion and asked His forgiveness for the days I felt I’d “wasted” so far this year, the word “chaos” came out of my mouth. I really believe there has been an assignment to create chaos in our lives, even in the simplest things, such as packing away Christmas decorations, cleaning the house, and even not feeling 100% well over these last days – all to keep us from being homed in and focused on being in the Lord’s presence.

Recently, I caught a quote someone shared on Instagram. (I’d give credit, but I can’t remember who it was who shared it . . .) The quote simply said:

I read it, it pierced my heart, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I had committed my January to Him at a level I’d never promised Him before, yet so far, I’d allowed all kinds of things in my life to draw me away, take up time dedicated to Him, and hadn’t followed through as I’d planned.

Why is it so easy to give up what we know will bring the greatest, most lasting rewards, benefits, joy, and so much more in favor of something that offers nothing in return except for momentary satisfaction?

I think part of it is chaos has a voice far more demanding than the still, small voice of invitation the Lord often woos our hearts with to come into His inner chamber just to be with Him. The louder voice can easily drown out the quieter and make the things it screams at us about seem so much more important than the place of victory we’re being offered through His whispers.

Today is a new day and it’s the start of the final 21 days of this month in which I believe the invitation of the Lord is, “COME.”

No agenda.

No striving.

Simply be in His presence, connect heart to heart, let Him love you, and listen to all the things He wants to reveal to you. Some will be intimate, encouraging, and affirming; others will be strategies and blueprints for what He wants to do and build through you in coming days.

We have to draw near to His heart to walk forward in these days. These are days unlike any others and if we want to thrive no matter what’s going on around us, it’s imperative we’re connected to His heart, His voice, and His Spirit more deeply and fully than ever before.

Today, He’s saying, “Come. It’s not too late in the month. Engage with Me. Ask Me your questions. Listen for My answers. Dedicate these 21 days to being in my presence as never before.”
Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

  • Make a decision to seek the Lord. Set the time aside and don’t allow anything to take away from your planned time with Him, while also staying connected heart-to-heart throughout your day.
  • Consider doing a “subtraction” and an “addition” during this time. For instance, you might decide to not watch TV as your subtraction and make the time you would have watched TV an addition of time in God’s presence.
  • Worship and praise Him. These are our most powerful weapons for waging war against the enemy. Need an answer to prayer in your life? Position yourself in battle by worshipping God. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord as worship shifts atmospheres and God defeats the enemy on your behalf (2 Chron. 20:15-30). Here’s a great playlist with four songs to help you get started. Just listen to one if that’s all the time you have. (The last one is longer with a section of instrumental music you can use to simply soak in His presence.)
  • Journal what the Lord speaks to you and use anything applicable as a guide in prayer.
  • Let thankfulness and joy fill your heart, allowing trust and faith to rise within you as you enjoy time in His presence and being loved by Him.
“COME, Beloved.”

Living for Him,
Andrea & Brian
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