November Prophetic Word: Position

Over the last several months of this year, there’s been a progression happening in the Spirit – listen, shift, adjust, deeper, and this month . . . POSITION. There’s a divine positioning happening in both the spiritual and natural realms because God is moving His remnant into place to fulfill His present mandate.
There are many who are feeling restless. They’ve wondered at their restlessness, fought against it, questioned it, even felt shame over it. They’ve prayed and sought God’s peace to replace it. This restlessness is by design. You feel restless because you’re not meant to stay where you are. God is positioning you and that requires movement from where you’ve been into where He wants to take you. This is destiny- and calling-related. Embrace being uncomfortable and don’t be afraid of feeling unsettled or restless. There’s design and purpose in it.

I saw a chessboard and chess pieces being moved around on it. What drew my attention were the movements being made in order to make the path clear for a particular piece to have an unobstructed path to be positioned for victory. There was a time of waiting while the movements of the other pieces were completed. All the while, the positioning of what lie ahead was kept in mind by the piece patiently waiting.

Embrace the waiting. Stay in the timing of God. Don’t try to push ahead, yet don’t hold back allowing fear to paralyze you from moving forward. The things and people being positioned prior to you moving into place is necessary for hindrances to be removed from your path. That doesn’t mean these things or people are hindrances to you. It simply means that you’re on the same side of the board and each is being placed where needed for victory. Bless those who seem to move ahead of you. Keep your eyes set on Him and where He’s bringing you.

You’re moving into unfamiliar territory. Expect to be uncomfortable. Keep your eyes on Him - He’ll remain your guiding compass. Trust that He knows the way before you and has already gone ahead of you.
This is a time for you to “come into your own” while living a life utterly surrendered to the Lover of Your Soul. He’s positioning you as His Beloved and from that place of knowing the depths of His love for you as you never have before, you’ll rise and walk as one who more fully knows who you are in Him. His love will transform and empower you for the position He’s called you to at this moment in time and you will be utterly amazed at who you’ve become in your oneness with Him.

The timing for this positioning is key as we prepare to enter a new year. There’s a setting in place for what lies ahead. Position yourself at His feet in worship, in surrender, with a willing heart, and with open hands. Allow Him to bring you to a greater place of consecration and sanctification. Be willing to take risks. Be willing to let go. Find yourself secure in Him and know He can be trusted – even in the unknown.
He’s positioning you for greatness in the days ahead.
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – ’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’

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