Let Time Stand Still . . . 
I don't know about you, but it can be really easy to go through my day, moving from one task to the other, so busy I don't even realize how much of the day has passed until it's nearly done. Yet, when I allow time to stand still, I want to stay in those moments forever.

I was reminded of that today when I said, "Hey Google, play music by Brandon Lake." The first song that played was one I'd never heard before, "Used to This," and there was an immediate tugging on my heart as the lyrics began to sink into my spirit and soul . . . .

Time stands still
Whenever I'm with You
No more important place to go
There's no rush
Not in a hurry
It's okay to take it slow

Minutes turning into hours
Doesn't really matter
I just want You
You're the only one I'm after
Spirit come in power
I just want You*

God was wooing me into His presence and offering to make time stand still for us to intimately connect. Would I pause, give Him my time and attention, draw near, and let His love wash over me?

Have you ever been in that space? 

For me, a war begins in my mind: "I have so much to do. I don't feel like spending time in worship. I'll do it later . . . ." Then later doesn't come because my "feelings" don't change and I let other things fill up my time.

But when I say yes? It's almost hard to capture in words what happens. Time really does stand still. Yes, a passing in moments marked by hands on the clock is ticking by, but in the world into which I've entered, I stand outside of time, unencumbered by the movement of the earth around the sun.

Amazingly, when I transition back into my day, more often than not I can accomplish more in the hours left in the day than I would have if I hadn't said yes to His invitation to make time stop while I spent it with Him.

It's just one of the gifts He generously gives in response to what I offer Him - "my" time. 

Try it. Get lost in His presence. Experience the intimacy of the love He has for you. Let His Spirit fill the room you're in. Get enveloped and wrapped up by Him. Let your hearts become entwined and allow time to stand still. You'll never be the same. We become transformed in His presence as we experience His goodness toward us and discover who we are as His beloved sons and daughters.

Put on a worship song. Ask Google or Siri (or whatever device you use) to play songs by Brandon Lake, Bethel Music, Misty Edwards, Rick Pino, Maverick City Music, Stephanie Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Rita Springer, Elevation Worship, Upper Room . . . There are so many great artists drawing near to the heart of God and their music draws you into His presence. 

Listen to the lyrics. Sing along if you know it. Sing your own song if there aren't any words being sung. Sing in the Spirit. Offer the time to God. I promise you He'll respond! James 4:8 has been constantly on my lips this year: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you . . . ."

Have no agenda except to spend time with Him. So much more than you can even imagine happens when you enter into that space and place. Some of it can be seen and felt, while some things happen in places in the spirit that aren't always visible to the human eye. 

If you're willing to make time in His presence a daily priority. you're going to begin to see amazing things happen in your life. Why not try it for the next 21 days or 4 or 6 weeks? Make a commitment to Him and to yourself. You'll be so glad you did and we want to hear your stories! Please share with us what God does in and through you as you purpose to spend time in worship daily. Keep us posted!

Here's a great song to get you started: 

*Used to This from the album, Old Church Basement, by Elevation Worship and Maverick City, feat. Naomi Raine and Brandon Lake
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