Setting the Captive Free: What "Normal Life" Can Be Like
Brian was recently in the Philippines and had the opportunity to spend time with some of the girls in WET's care. What can "normal life" look like for these girls?

In one instance, it was going bowling, not only with the girls but also with their children. It was a chance to laugh and play and even talk about the dreams they had, whether they were the dreams of formerly trafficked girls or of their children who thankfully never experienced a life of slavery - all because their mom was brave enough to risk leaving the bar for a promised life of freedom.

Another time, Brian had the privilege of attending the 18th birthday celebration for the daughter of one of the girls who had been trafficked, came into our care, graduated college, and then joined the WET staff. Her family line, including this daughter, is now set on an entirely different path - one that will help transform their nation, as well as their family. Her daughter plans to become a flight attendant. What a different life she can now dare to believe to live!

We take things like bowling, birthday parties, and graduation for granted. For these girls, it means so much more!

Latest News from the Philippines
Highlights from Brian's Most Recent Trip

On this most recent trip, Brian worked with a new friend of the ministry, Global Impact, answering their questions and working with their co-founder. Global Impact's work happens in the southern islands where their focus is centered on preventative measures and pastoral training that helps churches and their leadership stop trafficking before it begins. 

They wanted to experience the work WET does, so they helped with WET's food program and distributed meals to the bar girls on Walking Street. Additionally, they partnered with WET and Church So Blessed (our church partner) to host a banquet meal the following day. At this meal, more than 60 girls said "YES" to following Jesus, surrendering their lives to their newfound Savior.

A few days later, the Terraviv team arrived from Puerto Rico. Brian helped train the team before their outreach on Walking Street, as well as in the local hospital and prison. They, too, held a banquet where 81 girls attended and many responded to the Gospel message.

During Brian's time in the Philippines, two more girls came into our care. God is on the move in setting the captive free and bringing His revival even within the confines of the sex trade!

Brian also spent time building a deeper relationship with local pastors. He was incredibly honored to attend Church So Blessed's 25th Anniversary Celebration. It was such a powerful time in God's presence and a gift to be there to celebrate with them!

Interwoven through it all, Brian was able to work with WET's incredible, Philippines staff. He remains in awe of the work they do and how they give themselves wholeheartedly for the sake of others.

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We hear that question a lot. Here's our response.

There are a number of amazing organizations already doing great work to end human trafficking here in the U.S., including in the Atlanta area.

Angeles City, Philippines, is listed in the top 5 sex tourism locations. Yes, there is such a thing. Work needs to be done there and they need help doing it.

The bottom line is what we're doing in the Philippines impacts trafficking here in the US. 

Live streaming is the newest and biggest way trafficking is being propagated. People in our neighborhoods request what they want to see, place their "order," then that order is fulfilled in places like the Philippines where they go out, abduct a girl or boy (or use their own child), then pay the number of individuals the person has requested to see doing the act. (Trying to say what needs to be said in a delicate manner.) Additionally, girls (and boys) are bought and sold in the Philippines and trafficked in nations around the world, including here in the U.S.

We always respectfully ask those who question us about working in the Philippines, "Tell us what you're doing to make a difference locally because you seem to have a passion for this. We'd love to hear about it and cheer you on in your work!"

Brian is happy to chat more about this and answer any other questions you might have. Please use the link below to book some time together.


We become their friends. Friends who listen to them, speak life over them, care for them, and love them.

Women who are entrapped in the red light need to see that there is hope. They are not overlooked or forgotten. They are pursued, valued, and worthy.

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