The 4 Pillars of Health + The Table Top
This is a concept shared by Canadian, YL Diamond Leader, Carla Green, who was introduced to Young Living 18 years ago. Carla is a physical therapist, a registered acupuncturist and a wealth of information when it comes to Young Living’s supplements. 

Carla likens supporting our bodies’ health and wellness to the four pillars (or legs) of a table, along with the tabletop. She believes that if you give your body the right tools, it will function perfectly and with the right tools, it also knows how to heal and repair itself.

You may not know it, but 10-20 billion cells die in your body every day. In the same 24 hours, your body builds 10-20 billion new cells. It would make sense then that it’s incredibly important that we have good building blocks for our cellular heath!

So, where do we begin when we have so many supplement options? Carla recommends that you first build your table of health and support your body with 4 basic supplements and when you do, your overall health and wellness will dramatically improve as your cells are supported and regenerate. From there, you can add some additional supplements to your table top that will also help support your body.

So, what are these 4 Pillars and Table Top? The pillars consist of Ningxia Red, OmegaGize, Life 9, and Essentialzymes-4, while the table top is comprised of additional Vitamin D3, MultiGreens, Master Formula, Mindwise, and AgilEase. You may decide on a slightly different table top, but this suggested combination will support every system in your body, giving your cells the healthy building blocks they need.

Over the next several blog posts, we’re going to learn why each of these foundational supplements are so beneficial to our health.
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