This is an oil I've really needed lately. I actually started this post on September 27th to send it out that day and am just now getting it out to you. Our son had a 5 day hospital stay (and is totally fine now) and life has remained very "full" since then with lots of transition happening in our lives. It's a GREAT time to Surrender! Sometimes, that's hardest to do at night.

Are you like me? Do you put your head on your pillow and despite your body being VERY ready for bed, your mind decides to solve all the problems of the world and strategize every solution available to mankind?

This little bottle makes a world of difference for me at bedtime and it may do the same for you - SURRENDER! Apply it to the outside of your ears at bedtime and you'll realize your mind has been quieted from thinking through the million things that have transpired during your day.

Why the outside of your ears? Our body has over 1500 vitaflex points. A number of ones related to our emotions are found on the outer ears making that a perfect spot to apply Surrender. (PSA: NEVER put oils INTO your ears!)

When you're well-rested, you're better able to face whatever may come your way on any given day. Surrender your day at the end of the day and rest well!

Sometimes it can seem like tapes are on repeat in your mind, playing the same words over and over and over. You want to let go, but it feels like you can't. That's especially true when past trauma has been triggered.

Apply Release over your liver or heart. Our livers store anger and when Release is applied there or over your heart where you feel lots of emotions, it will help you release what you've been hanging onto, giving you a greater sense of peace and balance within,

Fair warning . . . don't be surprised if you cry after using it. Tears are signs of release and they can be very healthy!

When you're surrounded by negativity or fighting feeling negative yourself, it's hard to have a sense of safety and security in your internal world.

Apply White Angelica in your belly button, over your heart, or on your shoulders, or diffuse it. 

Positive outlooks in life are a really valuable thing!

I've created a wishlist for "Letting Go" and wanted to share it with you. These three are included, along with a few other favorite, must-haves of mine, and a couple of collection suggestions. 

Honestly? There are SO many oils I could have included. Did you know if you use the search bar in your virtual office, you can search for emotions or anything else you want suggestions for and any related product support will come up? That was a new tip I learned this week!



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Thank you for your patience with me these last couple of weeks! I'd love to hear how these suggestions have helped you, so please send me a message and let me know!

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Happy Oiling!
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