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My daughter, Abigail, and I just went on a weekend trip to visit family in Florida. We went to the beach, explored St. Augustine, enjoyed Amelia Island, traveled through the Talbot Islands, stopped in Mayport to grab shrimp for dinner (Saw a pelican eating an octopus, too!) and obviously, made the most of every minute! 

Maybe you're a seasoned oiler and have traveled with your oils before or maybe you're just starting out. Either way, I think we can all learn tips and ideas from each other. Here are a few of my favorite travel tips that I thought you'd find helpful. If you have others, please send us a message with yours!

Abigail and I drove this trip, so we had our car diffuser going with Clarity and Motivation. Usually, we diffuse Peppermint because of the ways it supports mental alertness and happy tummies, but since we left at 5 a.m., I wanted to begin our morning with clear thinking and focus. I got our car diffuser from Life Science Publishing.  I like the way it fits in the cup holder and fills the car. I've also used Young Living's Orb diffuser. It fits in the cup holder, too, AND it's spill-proof, which is really awesome! I also love to use the Orb diffuser when I'm working at my desk. It's USB port conveniently plugs into my computer and again, it's spill-proof!

Keep in mind that with the warmer months upon us, you don't want to leave your oils in the car. High heat can destroy the therapeutic properties of the oils, so bring them inside with you.

Another handy way I like to carry my oils is in 5/8 dram bottles.  I carry about a dozen oils, including my starter kit must-haves, in a small case that clips onto my purse. (The dram bottles are sold separately on the same website or you can get them through Young Living or on Amazon.) It's SO much lighter to carry all of these small, dram bottles than the full-sized ones and I can carry far more with me! Whether I'm traveling or not, this case is with me wherever I go! 

Young Living, Amazon and Life Science Publishing each have a number of other case options that can be used for any full-sized bottles that you pack. If you're flying, you CAN take your oils either in your carry-on or checked luggage, but they need to fit in the quart-sized bag if you're taking them carry-on. Yes, x-ray does affect the frequency of the oils, but they return back to normal within a day or two and that process can be speeded up if you warm them in your armpit or even in your bra if you're just sitting and relaxing.

What are my must-have oils and Young Living products when I travel? 

  • Lemon, Peppermint, DiGize Vitality oils for digestive support - I  bring veggie capsules with me so I can take 2-4 drops of these oils internally when needed. Veggie capsules can be found through Young Living, Amazon, Life Science Publishing, health food stores and even some grocery stores. Definitely get VEGGIE capsules, not gel, because they're not made with animal by-products and they hold up better.
  • I like Cedarwood and Lavender for a restful night, so I always take those. You might instead choose Valerian, Roman Chamomile (when seasonally in stock and it's another favorite of ours), RutaVaLa (when seasonally in stock) and/or Sleep Essence supplement as other options. Immupro is also helpful if you're changing time zones by several hours. Both Sleep Essence and Immupro promote the body's natural sleep rhythm, encouraging restful sleep.
  • I take a pre-made roller bottle with Endoflex and Lemongrass to support a healthy thyroid and hormones, and I bring whichever other "girlie oils" are keeping my hormones happy at that time. Lady Sclereol is always with me, but I may bring either Progessence Plus or SclarEssence or DragonTime as well. If momma's happy, we're ALL happy! 
  • For those times when we're stuck in traffic or the natives are restless in the car, I have Stress Away or Tranquil or Peace & Calming along for the ride. "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?" roll off of me much more easily when any of these oils are used!
  • Thieves Hand Purifier is absolutely essential. I also like to take Thieves Spray with me. As a matter of fact, these two never leave my purse, even on a "normal" day. Both of these are pit stop lifesavers when traveling! I'll save you the description of the gas station stop we made in the middle of nowhere and the gymnastic moves required to get in and out of the bathroom stall, but suffice it to say that I was ridiculously grateful to have these with us! When we went to the Philippines, we also took Thieves Wipes and I was ever so grateful we did! They were super compact, so they were perfect to pack! I've even carried a small spray bottle of Thieves All-Purpose, Pe-Made, Cleaner to spray down my travel clothes or address stains on clothing. It's a godsend for sure!
  • Make taking your toiletries super easy - bring Young Living's Bon Voyage Travel Pack.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, lip balm, shower gel, moisturizer, ART light moisturizer, hand purifier  - all in travel sizes and housed in a durable dopp kit; it's all you need and it's all toxin-free! 
  • Because we went to the beach on this trip, I packed Young Living's Sunscreen and LavaDerm After-Sun Spray. We were thankful to have both! 
  • I like to be sure to bring my Young Living supplements with me, too, I take a pill box with my AgilEase, Super B, Super C, Super Cal, and Sulfurzyme. I also take my Slique CitraSlim capsules and Essentialzyme-4. I like to bring a few Inner Defense with, too, just in case any of us begin to feel like our immune systems need some additional support. Whatever your supplement favorites are, don't leave them behind!
I hope this gives you some ideas for your upcoming travels, as well as some helpful resources. You certainly don't need to take all of these - make this fit YOUR lifestyle! 

Happy trails, friend!
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