What does it mean if you're having an extreme reaction to oil scents?
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Have you ever had an extreme reaction to the scent of an essential oil?

I’m talking a guttural, instinctive reaction of utter disgust. A type of reaction that has you saying, “UGH! That’s repulsive! Get it away from me right now!”

Or, on the flip side, a guttural, instinctive reaction of urgency and passion. A type of reaction that has you saying, “OH, WOW! I have to have that! I could just smell it all day long - I LOVE IT. I almost want to eat it!”

Anytime you have an extreme reaction to the scent of an oil, it is an indication that your body is actually in need of that oil either emotionally or physically. There’s some crossover between our physical cellular need and our emotional cellular need, but there is a basic rule of thumb.

Disgust indicates an emotional need. Passion indicates a physical need.

Emotionally, your limbic system is in charge. Its response to smell is powerful and automatic. When you completely recoil from the aroma of an oil, you are having an emotional reaction based on conscious or unconscious memories and imprints in your cellular makeup. It’s not always immediately clear WHY you’re having that reaction, but the why isn’t always as important as the “what now?”

I know, you hate the smell, why would you want to use it in the first place? Well, if the goal of using essential oils is to help us be healthy and well in our body, mind, and spirit, then you’re definitely NOT going to want to ignore a huge flashing sign like that one. Heed the warning and be brave to face the emotional hurdles that may be holding you back.

So, how do you use this stanky oil? Well, as with any new essential oil, start low and go slow. You’ll want to use the feet as a starting point (farthest away from the nose!) and apply the oil consistently and daily for several days in a row. Notice what happens. Your cells can start to release those negative or buried emotional issues and you may notice your sense of disgust shifts to a more neutral place. You can also diffuse it along with a complimentary oil. Use meditative or focusing exercises to get to the heart of the emotional barrier and find release.

Thank you, Tracy, for this fantastic information!
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