This is for all Associates, Stars, Sr Stars, Executives, and Silvers that have fallen back to Executive - all new ranks and reranks!

The new Rise to Rank program runs from February 1st through June 30th. The program goes by your rank in January. 

To qualify, you need to be a U.S. or Canadian Brand Partner and when you:

* Are an Associate, Star, or Sr Star and you rank up to Executive once, you will earn an exclusive Select 30 Collection, a carry case, and an Ember diffuser, for a retail value of $1,682.94 USD!!

AND / OR . . . 

* Are an Executive and you rank up to Silver once during that time, you will earn an exclusive Premier Aroma Collection, a backpack case, and an Aria diffuser, for a retail value of $5,558.36 USD!!! Again, this is off your January rank, so…if you’ve maintained Silver for 5 years and were Executive in January you are eligible for this amazing incentive!!

To clarify . . . Hit the rank, get the prize. Rank to Executive AND Silver and get TWO prizes!!

P.S. These are NOT the Select 30 Collection and Premier Aroma Collection that you can buy. Each collection is custom-built, meaning they chose specific, awesome, oils to be in them, which is why they're worth so much! These collections are one of a kind and truly amazing!!

The journey from Associate, Star, or Senior Star to Executive is something that I believe everyone can do! You have four months to make it happen and our entire community is behind you every step of the way! It's VERY doable and I'd love to help you accomplish it!! We're in this together and we have the education, tools, and strategy to help you work toward your goal of Executive and/or Silver by June 30th!! Just think . . . on top of this incredible incentive, you're also getting all of your regular pay, building your business the right way for sustained success, and igniting your team so everyone can succeed. I'm so in love with this Rise to Rank program!

Silver leaders and above? We need you, too! Your leadership is invaluable in helping everyone stay motivated and have all the tools and encouragement they need to absolutely rock these goals. This is what our team does, we come together and we help! This is a team effort and we should all be cheering everyone on and celebrating together! I’m excited about the endless wins and I hope you are too!

In addition, Young Living is doing some business training calls for anyone who is looking to hit these ranks. The calls are open to everyone, but Associates, Stars, Senior Stars, and Executives will definitely want to be a part of these. Every Tuesday, starting tomorrow, February 1st at 5 pm MT, Young Living will have these training sessions! Join the Facebook group and mark your calendar for every Tuesday in February at 5 pm MT. If you have team members you're supporting who are going for this, join them on the call, and let's grow together!

(Thank you to Diamond Leader, Tammy Walton, for sharing this post!)

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