Tipping Point
As I was spending time with the Lord this morning, He reminded me it’s July 1st – the start of the second half of the year, and He began to unpack the significance of this date to me.

With the onset of July 1st, there’s a shift happening that’s both a Chronos and a Kairos moment in the lives of many. Chronos is the measured time we’re all familiar with as we check our watches, mark time off on our calendars, and mark its passing through the days and seasons of our lives. Kairos means “a propitious moment for decision or action.” The Greek literally means “opportunity.” *
Today is a tipping point for many. It’s a moment in time to make your decision, take the action you’ve been considering, and walk into the opportunity God has placed before you. It’s a leaving of the past behind you and consciously stepping into the new set before you. It requires you boldly, fearlessly, and obediently moving with God into this new Kairos moment. It’s okay if you don’t have all the details figured out. God has the plan. All you need to do is follow the breadcrumbs He places on the path before you. 
Breadcrumbs ARE enough. Big picture planners struggle with this (as I well know). It can be uncomfortable, and it can be messy. It’s okay because it’s a beautiful place of walking in trust and as a friend recently said to me, “Jesus is in the messy.” 
The Lord showed me a picture of a trust walk – where one person is blindfolded and being led by another person who can see clearly. The blindfolded person has to trust the One leading them won’t cause them to stumble and fall or lead them into places they can’t successfully navigate together. It doesn’t mean that it won’t have elements of risk or even danger, but He’s not going to take you places where He hasn’t prepared and equipped you to succeed – even over rough terrain.
This tipping point is your invitation to move forward into what He’s been placing before you. You know what that is – there’s no question in your mind. He’s been speaking to you about it for quite some time. You get to decide; He’s not going to force anything on you. It might feel scary, and you may grieve what you’re leaving behind. Open your heart to Him and let Him meet you with His tender love in each of those spaces. Listen as He whispers His words of encouragement, affirmation, and confirmation to your spirit and soul. Allow Him to fill you with courage and make you brave enough to take those steps.
The shift I’m sensing in the spirit feels like tectonic plates shifting in the earth. There may be some upheaval and aftershocks, but there’s a settling into place afterward. There are also benefits created by the shifting that occurs. One is the enormous energy produced when they move. You’re going to need that energy in the second half of this year.
Shifting into the second half of this year requires deciding to move with Him into this Kairos moment and walking forward into the opportunity He’s set before each of us. It's a tipping point. Will we take action? Will we trust Him? Will we say yes to risk, to being uncomfortable, to things looking messy, and to leaving even good things behind to embrace the fullness of what He has for us in this new moment in our lives?
The invitation is there. We get to decide.

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