Have you ever heard of the saying, "It's just smoke and mirrors"? Google defines it as, "the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information."

Sounds like an effective tactic of the enemy, doesn't it? It’s one we became very aware of recently. . . God spoke to my heart yesterday and said, "It's just smoke and mirrors." In that moment, the enemy's plan against us, and others, was wholly revealed to me.

The last couple of weeks, among other things, we were faced with back-to-back health concerns for Brian that each could have been life-threatening situations. The first issue was one in which we both had total peace and knew that although the doctors were validly concerned, we knew everything was fine and pretty much laughed through it. The second? That one really tried to rock us. Both of us faced the enemy's lies during the night hours and fought for peace found on His truths.

During this time, my favorite place to hang out was in The Passion Translation’s version of the Psalms. I can’t even begin to tell you how the Lord spoke to my heart chapter after chapter, verse after verse, giving me peace when everything was fighting to steal it away. Over and over in different ways, they confirmed the truth of who God is as our Good Father and who we are to Him. The verses I read gave me courage and helped me stay standing in the face of the enemy.

One of them was Psalm 18:30, which says, “Yahweh, what a perfect God you are! All Yahweh’s promises have proven true. What a secure shelter for all those who turn to hide themselves in you, the wraparound God.”

When I read that wording, it held me in awe of God’s love and goodness. It made me feel utterly protected, safe, and secure in the shelter of His presence that was literally wrapped around me. I can tell you - it’s a beautiful place to hide away in the midst of storms raging around you! It reminded me He’s met us in hard places countless times before and He would do it again – no matter what that looked like in action.

Satan’s smoke and mirror tactics can be incredibly effective at stealing our peace, joy, and time. He embellishes the truth of a situation or feeds us misleading or irrelevant information, causing fear and anxiety. Even when there’s more substance to his attacks, remembering the battle has already been won and we’re the victors through Jesus changes everything as far as how we view and approach the situations we face.

Even something as simple as remembering God’s faithfulness in past situations can be enough to give us the courage to face current challenges. Knowing that if God did it before, He’ll continue to move on our behalf, again and again, gives us the grace and strength we need to take steps forward on the battleground before us. Oftentimes, recognizing the enemy’s schemes for what they are is enough to cause them to lose their effectiveness against us, rendering the enemy powerless by means of God’s revelation within us.

Psalm 25:1-2b (TPT) says, “Always I will lift up my soul into your presence, Yahweh. Be there for me, my God, for I keep trusting in you.” Our souls are comprised of our mind, will, and emotions. Our minds and emotions are key battlegrounds for the enemy. He’s often called the “enemy of our souls.” Psalm 143:3a (ESV) says, “For the enemy has pursued my soul . . .” Satan is tactical. He strategically tries to fulfill his plan of stealing, killing, and destroying (John 10:10) by hitting us where he knows he can gain ground – our souls. By lifting our souls up to God, we become protected in those areas within us.

When the call came yesterday telling Brian all was well, both of us let out the collective breath we’d been holding, and the weight lifted. Thankfully, the news was good for us. God’s “smoke and mirrors” word to me in that moment reminded me that ultimately, whatever the enemy brings against us is smoke and mirrors in light of the truth of the power we walk in as children of God. When our hope is placed in God, we can see ourselves as the overcomers God has created us to be – even in the face of challenges that could radically rock our world.

God’s got us wrapped up, surrounded by His love and presence. Being enveloped in that truth brings such peace to our souls and gives us the courage to stand – even in the face of the enemy, because we know when Satan comes in like a flood, God Himself raises a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19b NKJV)

God is our Protector and Defender. Before Him, smoke and mirrors have absolutely no power!

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