Bioavailability: What is it and why is it important?
Not only are YL’s supplements incredible because they adhere to same Seed to Seal Promise that guarantees our oils, they’re also infused with YLEO’s. Let me explain WHY this is important.

Clinical experience has shown that before adding essential oils to the formula it was absorbed in the blood by 24%. 

After adding essential oils, the blood absorption increased to 64% after only 30 minutes and a whopping 86% absorption after 60 minutes!!! The cells were now able to receive nutrients that they previously had not been able to assimilate.

What a night and day difference!

So, what does that mean? Simply that your cells are receiving more nutrients from these supplements because of being infused with YL’s essential oils. Pretty cool, huh? If you’re taking supplements in order to increase the nutrients your body is receiving, why would you want to use any other supplements than YL’s, especially since you’re getting increased bioavailability in supplements that you know are of the highest quality?

The impact that supplements have in our body is tremendous, but as I mentioned at the beginning of our class, to get the most out of their benefits, you need to be consistent with using your supplements. This is why Essential Rewards is so great - you get rewarded for staying consistent in meeting your health goals, plus you earn points back on every supplement you purchase, in effect giving you a “rebate” with each order! 

Our family’s monthly orders always contain supplements. Let me fill you in on some of our favorites in the next few blog posts!
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