Roman Chamomile is Back!!!
Have you ever used Roman Chamomile? Oh, my word....most restful sleep ever!!!! 

I love a good cup of chamomile Sleepytime Time tea before bed, but using the life blood of the plant itself at bedtime??? SO calming and relaxing! Mommas love to use this oil on their kiddos for them to be able to enjoy the same calming benefits that we adults love so much, including during times of occasional stress or anxiety.

Diffuse it, add it to your bath salts for a relaxing soak before bed or to V-6 massage oil for an evening rub down, apply it to the center of your forehead, nape of the neck, bottoms of the feet, or rub a bit over your pillowcase at bedtime.

This oil was only available to order ONCE last year and is only available now while supplies last. This is a RUN, DON'T WAIT, go and order it NOW kind of oil! There's a limit of 3 bottles / account and it can only be purchased via Quick Order. If you don't have an account, let me know so I can help! 

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