Let Go of What Used to Be
Recently, I began watching the series, “The Lost Kitchen.” I’m only on the second episode of season one, but God has been speaking so much to me through Erin French’s story of her life and restaurant.
As her 2020 story unfolds in the second episode, she says, “I have to let go of what it used to be.” The Lord spoke to my heart in that moment, telling me to pay attention to those words.
I believe many of us have been looking backward at what things used to be like. Maybe without even realizing it, our hearts seem to long for what once was – the familiar, the secure, the known – even if it wasn’t the best.
We’ve been in transition, and it’s taking longer than we’d expected. We knew what to leave and had a sense of what we were moving into, yet we’ve been in this messy middle of it coming to pass and it leaves us looking back, longing for some of the things of the old season.
God has called you out into a new season and He’s asked you to leave the old behind.
Erin French was forced to rethink the way she’d done things. The Lost Kitchen had become an incredibly successful, well-oiled machine; then she had to reinvent everything. She was willing to innovate, think outside the box, and be creative. Because of her unwillingness to not give up and her willingness to transition into what she’d never done before, not only did she “make it,” but so did her family and closest friends (who work beside her), as well as her entire community.
It’s never just about us. Our perseverance in pressing into this new season has a far-reaching impact, but we can’t move into the new still holding onto the old.
Whether what we’re holding onto is “the good old days,” or instead, disillusionment, regret, disappointment, or even the determination to never have things be like they once were, if we’re holding onto it, we’re weighed down by it.
Forget what lies behind. Reach forward to what’s ahead. Press on toward all God is calling you to in this new season. Don’t turn back! (Philippians 3:13-14, paraphrased)
We can learn from the past, but it can’t become an idol we long after. Be willing to let go of what used to be – for your sake and others. Be flexible, think differently, focus forward, and keep taking the next step. All of heaven is cheering you on!

Living for Him,

*Photo by Greta Rybus
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