A Word from Hosea
This is something the Lord spoke to my heart recently and it's stuck with me. We've been seeing this happen, but as many have noted, it's only just begun. 

In this time . . . 

There is a stripping away of structures and resources relied upon. 
There will be time without king or prince (leaders) in many key positions in the Body of Christ. 
It will cause people to return to the Lord and seek HIM. 
The King who will then sit on the throne will be Jesus. 
From that foundation, things will be rebuilt.

I see this playing out through ministries and the body of Christ at large. 

We have been the harlot - gone to other lovers. Too many are proclaiming the kingdom, but pursuing the enticing things of the world.

Out of His great love, He's drawing us back to Him, but it will be solely Him, so the rest has to be stripped away.

Living for Him,

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