The Long Wait Is OVER!!!
Four and a half years ago, THIS is how our lives became radically and forever changed!

This ONE OIL made such a difference in our lives that we jumped in with both feet and since then, have been able to help countless people find greater health, wellness, and FREEDOM through using Young Living Essential Oils and products. Have YOU been one of those people???

It was all because of VALOR.

June 2013 - A friend posted about this particular oil and I knew based on what she said that I NEEDED this oil in my life. Gallons of it, as a matter of fact.

I wasn't wrong and it had a FAR greater impact than I even anticipated!

From the moment that one bottle came to our house, I have never been without it. Hoarded it, in fact. Made it through the years when you couldn't by a single drop of it. I didn't share and I'm not ashamed of that fact. (And I wasn't the only one...)

Valor is my "if I were ever stranded on a desert island and could only have ONE oil, it would be THIS oil."


Initially, it was because we had a much quieter and more restful night's sleep. Not only that, our youngest son, then 11, also slept peacefully through the night, rather than wandering around. All we did was apply it to the bottoms of our big toes.

Weird, I know.

THIS was the game changer for me - I also supported the health of my musculoskeletal system by applying Valor down my spine from the nape of my neck to my tailbone, across my hips and in the arch of my foot - the vita flex point for the spine. (Having the roll-on was PERFECT for this!) Because of this support, it promoted ease of movement for me and I discovered activities that had become a challenge for me were once again normal parts of my day. This active momma was SO thankful!!!

Valor is known for the way it supports the body mentally, emotionally and physically. I use this oil and I feel like I can conquer the world! Fear??? What fear??? I laugh at fear!

I love applying this oil on my wrists, behind my ears and at the nape of my neck. Whatever comes my way, I feel confident that I can overcome it!

Trust me - we ALL need more Valor in our lives!!!! YOU need Valor in YOUR life because, well....I couldn't have said it any better - "When you're confident, the rest falls into place!" Ask me how I know...

Here's what you need to know to get yours:
Item #3529
Retail Price: $65.45
Wholesale Price: $49.75
PV: 49.75
- Limit of 2 per account per month
- Until the end of April, it's only available on Quick Order
- Starting May 1st, you can add it to your Quick Orders and Essential Rewards orders
- Cannot be purchased with Essential Rewards points

Simply log into your Virtual Office at, click on Quick Order on the left side, and use the product search bar to look up the item number above. 

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