Feeling Lost
Have you ever felt lost? I’m not talking about an “out in the woods” kind of lost feeling. It’s the internal kind, the one when heart and mind make you feel adrift in the middle of the sea with no land or humanity in sight.

It’s how I’ve been feeling. Yet, at the same time, my spirit has known how “found” I am and have always been. When I’m able to quiet the voices that would tell me otherwise, I can hear His truth speaking to my soul and find His peace, even in the unfamiliar.

Over the last several weeks, Brian and I have said yes to allowing God to shift some things in our lives. It’s been painful as we’ve let go of some really good things we’ve held dear. God never said there wasn’t a cost to following Him. He actually said the opposite. (Luke 14:27-33) Shifts have become adjustments as God has made additional tweaks to what He’s doing. We don’t have the full picture or total understanding, but we’ve had peace as we’ve followed His leading.

I don’t know about you, but for me, change can feel uncomfortable and can leave me with a sense of feeling a bit disoriented. That’s especially true when God hasn’t revealed the fullness of His plan following any changes He’s invited me to walk through with Him.

I was reading in Hebrews yesterday and this verse stood out to me in The Passion Translation.

“For you have placed everything under His authority. This means that God has left nothing outside of the control of His Son, even if presently we have yet to see this accomplished.” (Hebrews 2:8)

If I’ve offered my surrendered life to God and given Him my blanket yes, that means I’ve given up control and trusted Jesus to guide and direct me. When I can’t see the next steps and am blindly trusting His leading, leaning into the knowledge that nothing is outside of Jesus’ control – even the unseen, then I can find my anchor in the midst of the sea I feel as if I’ve been bobbing about in. Suddenly, it’s not as important to see the land and people in the distance. All that matters is knowing He sees it ahead and He’s directing the tides and currents that are drawing me in the right direction.

Feeling lost can then become a holy invitation. It’s a drawing of my heart to connect more deeply with His, to lean in and listen for His whispers of leading. It’s an offer to trust Him more fully as I fall back into His loving arms, knowing He’s there and will catch me. It’s a call to quietness, peace, rest, and waiting. In that place, He becomes the compass that guides on paths unknown to me.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve said I’m simply following His breadcrumbs as I take each step forward. I’ve kept my eyes to the ground, looking for the next tidbit that would reveal the direction I was to take and that’s been enough for me. However, I believe God is now inviting me to look up to see the trail before me lined with those crumbs. Even though the destination isn’t yet visible, I have an assurance it’s ahead. As I lift my eyes, I’m allowing God to expand my vision.

In the last weeks and even months, I’ve been asking God to reveal His new alignments and to connect us with those He’s planned for us to walk with in this season of our calling. Sometimes, I can get so focused on what’s directly in front of me that my vision becomes limited. Not only do I miss seeing what’s ahead, I miss seeing those around me. The thing is, they’re the very people God has planned for me to walk with in this season. I don’t want to miss those connections.

Why am I sharing my story with you? Because I want to encourage you if, like me, you’ve felt lost in any area of your life. Reading God’s Word, spending time worshipping Him, and standing on the truths He’s spoken to my heart and affirmed countless times have all helped me to recognize how I feel isn’t gospel truth. It’s confirmed over and over again I have heard Him and I’m in the center of His will - even if it feels uncomfortable.

Even in feeling uncertain, we can know He’s our Rock and firm foundation. What lies before us is an opportunity to grow in our faith and trust in the One who always knows His way. Not knowing all the answers to what’s ahead becomes a conversation starter to ask Him what His plans and solutions are for us. The nice thing is . . . He’s an awesome conversationalist and is always speaking!

If we can pray for you, please reach out to us. You’re not alone on your journey in Him!

Living for Him,
Andrea & Brian
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