On the First Day of Christmas...
Time to kick off December with our now yearly tradition of 12 Days of Oils!

On the first day of oils, my true love gave to me...a bottle of Peppermint oil!

In our house, Peppermint is used ALL the time for all kinds of things!

Here are some of our favorite ways...

  • Supportive of happy tummies when traveling and good for ALL things digestive (we smell it right out of the bottle, rub it over our abdomens with a bit of carrier oil, diffuse it, or take Peppermint Vitality in a capsule with Lemon and DiGize Vitality oils)
  • A perk me up right when we need it (we diffuse it or smell it right out of the bottle)
  • Alert minds and clear thinking, especially first thing in the morning and on the kids' testing days (we like to diffuse it with lemon)
  • Keeping our bodies cool in the heat from outside and from within (When the heat comes from outside, we apply just a bit to the tips of our ears or make a spray with peppermint and water and spray our bodies, keeping it away from our eyes. When the heat comes from within, we put it on the bottoms of our feet.)
  • Help with seasonal respiratory system support (we like to combine it with lavender and lemon for this use and diffuse it or use the vitality oils and take 4 drops of each in a capsule)
  • Alleviating occasional muscle soreness following exercise (we rub it right in to sore areas with a bit of coconut oil - our favorite way to use it for this purpose is when we combine it with PanAway and Copaiba and make a muscle rub cream with the coconut oil)
  • Interesting fact...Peppermint is a "driving oil," so it helps enhance the effects of any other oil that it's used in conjunction with.
  • It makes the BEST EVER Peppermint brownies and fudge!!! Just add 6-12 drops of Peppermint Vitality to your favorite mix or recipe. 
  • Try a drop in your cocoa, tea or coffee... YUM!!! :) 
It's a favorite of ours for sure!
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