Immune Support Roller Ball Blend
I was a bit surprised to discover that I needed immune system support a whole lot sooner in the season this year! Whether it's thanks to hurricane Irma or something else, I've regretted not having been more proactive in supporting my immune system weeks ago!

I did immediately begin supporting my body's healthy recovery by diffusing oils like Thieves and Purification to help support my immune system and added in Raven or RC (I alternated) to support my upper respiratory system. I also made up this quick and simple blend in a 10 ml roller ball bottle that I'm now putting on my feet every night before bed. It's comprised of 20 drops each of Thieves, Oregano, Purification and ImmuPower (a blend of Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Cistus, Camphor, Frankincense, Oregano, Clove, Cumin and Dorado Azul), topped off with olive oil that I used as a carrier oil. You can also use YL's V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, which is a blend of coconut, sesame, grape seed, sweet almond, wheat germ, sunflower and olive oils.

Why my feet? Why daily? Why before bed, you ask? Great questions! Did you know that our bodies have over 1500 vita flex points that you can use for applying essential oils and the correlating organs, emotions, etc., will, in turn, be supported? Here's a graphic with the vita flex points found on the feet. There are also great images available for the vita flex points for the hands and ears, as well. A simple internet search will give you multiple options.

Also, there are 3 places where you can apply oils that will then have those oils to every cell in your body within about 20 minutes. Those three places are the bottom of your right, big toe, the "pad" of your right thumb, and the center of your forehead. I apply the oils to the vita flex points for my sinuses and lungs, as well as applying it to the bottom of my big toe. I like to do it before bed because it's a time when I'm staying off of my feet anyway, the oils can just soak in, and I won't smell like a pizza during the day. (Feel free to put socks on if you'd like.) It's also a great time to help support your body's overall health after all it's been exposed to throughout the day. Why daily? Because I find that my system needs that support, particularly in the fall, winter and spring. I do take a break during the summer because I find I don't need as much overall health support then. 

Roller ball bottles are easy to purchase online and they come in a variety of sizes. One tip? Be sure to get ones with a steel roller ball, rather than plastic. The plastic ones seem to fall out after a while.

Happy oiling!
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