I’m currently a football momma, but before that, I was also a soccer, baseball, fencing, and dance momma. We know sports in our house! 

Young Living continues to develop products that specifically support the needs of athletes. Here’s our athlete, Nehemiah, sharing about his favorites:

Here's a quick list of what will swiftly become your athletes' Young Living favorites:

  • Ningxia Red /Ningxia Nitro / Ningxia Zyng, Peppermint, Motivation, & En-R-Gee - help your athlete have the motivation to give his or her all in practice and games.
  • Pure Protein - set your athlete up for success with a fantastic protein supplement.
  • Breathe Again - support your athlete's easy breathing during workouts and games.
  • AminoWise - support your athlete in recovery and hydration following workouts, practices and games.
  • AgilEase, Copaiba, & Lemongrass - great for supporting healthy muscles and joints.
  • Cool Azul Pain Cream, Aroma Siez & OrthoSport Massage Oil - terrific for tackling the occasional aches and pains associated with exercise. The best, on-the-go option??? Deep Relief Roll-On!!! Toss it into your athlete’s gym bag and you’ll be their sideline hero!
#Protip from this football momma: Mix 16 oz. of baking soda with 20 drops of Purification (consider doing half & half with Citrus Fresh). Let it sit in a mason jar for an hour, then sprinkle in your athlete’s football (or other sport’s gear) bag with the shoulder pads / gear inside the bag. Zip it up, shake it all around and let it sit for an hour. Shake it off outside and enjoy how much better everything smells (including your car)! You may want to double the recipe for larger areas you want to cover (including your carpets) or to have it on hand for the next time you want to freshen his OR HER gear.  :)

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