YEA!!! 10% Off Desert Mist Premium Starter Kits!!!

YEA!!! 10% Off Desert Mist Premium Starter Kits!!!
Don't mind me doing my little happy dance over here! Feel free to join me! 


  • Already a member? This is your time to grab another diffuser (Because we all need another diffuser in our lives!) and restock your oils in the process. Maybe you need one for the office or your college kid or just another room in the house!
  • It's also the perfect time to sign up your spouse with his or her own kit! When you do, YL will send you a  thank you check! That's like getting additional money off on an already incredible value (even without the discount!)
  • Not a YL Preferred Member yet???  How long have you been waiting??? NOW is your time!!! You can get started at 10% off using this link!
  • Share with your friends and family (#itswhatwedo) and you'll get a thank you check for each person who gets their own starter kit! All you need to do is give them your member number when they sign up!
Local friends, I'm holding 3 classes next week, any of which will help you have a solid foundation for making the most out of each of your new oils! Grab your kit now at a discount, then come to one of the classes so you're ready when your kit arrives! (All of the class information is on the events page!)

Here are ALL of the details that you'll want to know!

For a limited time, members can receive 10% off the cost of our Premium Starter Kit (PSK) with a Desert Mist Diffuser (English and Spanish versions)!
Along with this beautiful diffuser, the Premium Starter Kit includes “TEN” 5 ml bottles of premium essential oils, plus a 5 ml bottle of Stress Away, an AromaGlide roller fitment, and samples of Thieves Household Cleaner and NingXia Red.

This offer starts today, Friday, January 11, at 8 a.m., MT, and runs through Monday, January 14, at 11:59 p.m., MT, and is Quick Order only, while supplies last. 

Limit one PSK with Desert Mist Diffuser per existing member or new enrollee.

PSK with Desert Mist Diffuser (English)
Item No.: SKU 22397
Size: N/A
Wholesale Value: $160
Promotion Price: $144
PV: 90

PSK with Desert Mist Diffuser (Spanish)
Item No.: SKU 22442
Size: N/A
Wholesale Value: $160
Promotion Price: $144
PV: 90

A Few of My Favorite Things: Peppermint

A Few of My Favorite Things: Peppermint
Last week, I began a new series in my weekly newsletter - " A Few of My Favorite Things." I thought it would be great to also share it on my blog. In this series, I'll be sharing favorite tips, my go-to support for specific body systems, favorite food and DIY recipes, diffuser blends, and morning / daytime / evening favorites.  While everyone's favorites vary, my hope in sharing mine is to help you find some fun, new ways to use your oils, discover some solutions and hacks to everyday challenges, and learn of new ways to work toward your personal health and wellness goals for you and your family.

Favorite Tips: Peppermint
Ever get the hiccups? It's rare for me, but when I do get them, they're no joke! You're going to think this is crazy, but the next time you have hiccups, apply Peppermint to your wristsI can't tell you why or how it works, but you'll find the support it offers to your circulatory system helps to alleviate the discomfort of hiccups. Such a cool, little life hack! ;) 

With the holidays nearly upon us, you'll find Peppermint Vitality to be your go-to in adding flavor to your culinary delights. Cocoa, coffee, tea...just a drop will add a wonderful minty twist to your cold weather favorites! Add 6-10 drops to your favorite brownie mix or fudge recipe and you have a gift-giving worthy treat to share with neighbors and friends!

Favorite GOOD Morning Start:
There's nothing like kicking off the day with Peppermint & Lemon in the diffuser! It's my favorite "perk me up" blend!

Favorite Way to Order: ER & YL Go
What I love is that I can make sure to never run out of my daily must-haves because I include them in my monthly Essential Rewards order and they're delivered right to my door. Plus, I earn points on every order that I can redeem for free product, so it's like getting a rebate with each ER order that's placed.  With a free oil at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, I'm getting even more for my money. That's stretched even further with having enrolled for YL Go / YL Go+ (the free shipping subscription). That makes this budget-conscious girl HAPPY!!! If you haven't enrolled in ER yet, let's chat and see if it's right for you!

Favorite Way to Get the Most for My Dollar: YL's Premium Starter Kit (PSK)
YL's Premium Starter Kit is the only thing Young Living offers at 50% off. You get over $300 worth of product, including 11 oils, a diffuser, a sample of Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 Ningxia Red packets, sample bottles and more, plus a wholesale membership that gives you 24% off of any future orders you place.
Not a Young Living Preferred Member yet? Let's get you started! 

BIG September Surprise!

BIG September Surprise!
It's a flash sale!
10% Off ALL Diffuser Premium Starter Kits!!!

Discounts on YL's Premium Starter Kits (PSK) only happen once or twice a year, but this one is even more rare because EVERY SINGLE DIFFUSER OPTION is 10% off!!! Usually only one or two options are on sale, but you have your choice of 4 different options!!! 

This sale is from TODAY through FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th!

If you're not already a Young Living Preferred Customer with a PSK of your own, you can get started and save even more than the already 50% off retail pricing! You might even decide to get two so you can have diffusers in more than one room of your house. Trust me, you'll be glad you did! 

New members always receive lots of great support, so you can be sure that we'll help you know how to make the most out of every bottle of oily goodness and provide you with a wellness plan that will help you meet your personal health & well-being goals.

If you're already a Young Living member, this is the BEST time to grab another diffuser and replenish your oils! Simply log into your Virtual Office and place a quick order for the PSK diffuser option you'd like!

Why not knock out some early Christmas shopping and get PSKs for those you love? Make your dollars go even further by using your member number and enrolling your friends and family as Young Living Preferred Customers, rather than purchasing kits via Quick Order, and as long as you have a 50+PV order of your own placed, you'll get a $50 thank you check from Young Living for each of your friends and family you gift with kits of their own! Not only that, they'll also have wholesale pricing when they want to order more because they'll already be Preferred Customers! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Want to sign up your spouse as a Preferred Customer and get that extra diffuser (or two) into your house? You can now enroll them and be sent a $50 thank you check when you have your 50+ PV order of your own in place!

Need help or have questions? Please reach out! ( We're happy to help! 

Surprise Flash Sale!

Surprise Flash Sale!
One tiny bottle. That's how it all began for us. We wanted more restful and quieter sleep, so we took a risk. Little did we know how that one bottle would alter our lives for the better forever more!

If you know Brian's story, you know he's nearly died more times than I can keep track of. Supporting his overall health and wellness was pretty dang important to me and I'm SO thankful we decided to see if they would help because he's definitely healthier! 

I'm thankful that our family has mainly stayed well through each winter season and found natural seasonal support during the spring and fall that doesn't leave us feeling loopy. This Momma is much more even keeled throughout the month and we all know that when Momma is happy, the house is happy! We've discovered a bazillion life hacks, created amazing food and drink recipes, ditched a ton of chemicals to the curb, and even our fur babies have benefited. Oh, and I replaced my chemical-laden makeup with gorgeous, clean colors that last and have actually improved the look and feel of my skin!

I'm SO thankful we jumped in! Let's talk!

Ready to get started?  You can use this link. We can't wait to help you make the most out of each and every bottle of oily goodness! Don't forget - there's no limit, so you can get both an oil kit AND a makeup kit! 

Want to know how you can get your starter kit paid for? Ask us!