Savvy Minerals: Colors & Where to Begin

Savvy Minerals: Colors & Where to Begin
Want to take advantage of the Savvy Minerals 25% off sale, but not sure what colors to choose or which products to try first? 

First of all, each of the colors are incredibly forgiving. The majority of people color matched are Warm 2 foundation, but if you're a cool shade, try Cool 2. Either are "middle ground" colors that are great options. I've found that I'm actually Cool 2 in the winter months and Warm 2-3 in the summer months. I often mix Warm 2 & 3 together in the summer. I tend to tan easily so my skin tone can change considerably just from being outside. 

Second, you can use the colors in multiple ways. For instance, blush colors can be used on lips and eyes and the multitasker can be used on brows, as eyeliner, to cover gray roots and even as lipliner! 

I find I go through the foundation the fastest, but even that lasts about 3 months for me and I wear makeup most days. The eye shadows last a SUPER long time - same with the multitasker, eyeliner, lipsticks, and glosses.  

Where should you start? That's totally up to you, but if you want a complete look, get a foundation, blush, multitasker, and the palette (my FAVORITE). If you can add in a bronzer, definitely do! 

Finish your look with a gloss or a lipstick.  Abundant gloss looks good on EVERYONE, but if you want a pop of color for the summer, my new favorite lip color is Sweet Life.  Looking for a more neutral lipstick? Try Wish or On a Whim. I wear those two colors ALL. THE. TIME.

WHY Savvy Minerals??? Because what's in it is...

And because of...

I chose Savvy Minerals when it first launched with Young Living because my husband ASKED me to ditch my chemical-laden products and go clean. 

I'm sure you've heard all about the clean beauty movement. Have you made the switch? If you have, what new colors are you adding with this sale and what are you restocking in your stash? Personally, I'm adding Bedazzled and Icon lipsticks and restocking on my blush and Warm 3 foundation. 

Two additional recommendations???  If you don't have the misting spray, you'll want to get that for sure. You'll use it with nearly everything. Also, get the primer that's right for you (mattifying for oily skin / hydrating for dry). It really makes a HUGE difference! 

Please reach out if you need help or have questions!

WHAT?! Savvy Minerals is 25% OFF?!?!

WHAT?! Savvy Minerals is 25% OFF?!?!

About 2 years ago when it was launched at Convention, I began switching over to YL's Savvy Minerals makeup - at my husband's request, believe it or not! 

Bri realized just how many chemicals I was putting on my face with my makeup each day and he wanted me to make the switch to clean products because he was honestly concerned about my health.

The awesome thing??? Not only are these free of all of the stuff that's horrible for our bodies, I actually love everything I've switched over to far more than what I had been using. Yes, that picture is of part of my stash on my makeup table. I really do LOVE my Savvy!

Y'all...Savvy Minerals is 25% off today through the 17th. If you've been thinking about switching over or just want to add more to your stash, now is the time. It's also pretty perfect (Did you catch that pun???) for Mother's Day gifting! 

If you'd like, you can check out Young Living's Savvy Minerals product line here: Savvy Minerals.

Here are some important details to keep in mind:

*There’s no limit associated with this promotion, and it’s available to Young Living members and retail shoppers.
*APO and NFR markets, as well as Professional Accounts, can participate.
*This promotion is for Quick Order only.
*There is no limit on product for this promotion.
*PV will be reduced to match discounted pricing.
*Promotion includes all Savvy Minerals cosmetics EXCEPT the following: 
all brushes and brush sets, silicone brush cleansing pad, brush cleaner, makeup remover wipes and Savvy Premium Starter Kits.

Got color matching questions or need suggestions? Please reach out. I'd love to help!

DIY Misting Spray

DIY Misting Spray
This recipe is for all my DIY friends looking for an awesome makeup setting spray that you can make at home! If you can't get your hands on SM's Misting Spray, this is a fantastic alternative!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray with Lavender Oil
(Meredith Brantley)
1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel
1 tablespoon Witch Hazel
5 drops of Lavender essential oil
2½ tablespoons purified water
glass spray bottle
small funnel

Place the aloe vera gel into a small dish or jar.
Add the witch hazel and blend. Next, add the lavender.
Then, add the water and mix well.
Once blended, carefully pour it into your glass spray bottle using your funnel if needed.
Shake well.
After you have applied your makeup, hold the bottle a few inches away from the face
and mist the face with one or two pumps of your Lavender DIY Make-up Setting Spray.
Allow it to air dry.

Which Gloss Looks Good on EVERYONE???

Which Gloss Looks Good on EVERYONE???
Which gloss did they say at Beauty School looked good on EVERYONE??? ABUNDANT (the first one pictured). True confession - I love lip colors. I have every single one of these glosses and love each of them. On Sunday, I mixed Uptown Girl lipstick with Anchors Away gloss (a combo I normally never would have thought to put together) and ended up with the richest, reddish color that perfectly complimented my outfit. Don't be afraid to play with your colors! 

The Young Living Training & Education Classes page on FB has an entire class uploaded on Savvy Minerals Tips and Tricks. If you haven't joined the group yet be sure to check it out

Which color of gloss are YOU going to try this spring?

Savvy Minerals' Palette

Savvy Minerals' Palette
Have you seen the Savvy Minerals eye shadow palette yet? While I've built up a sizeable SM stash over the last couple of years, this is one that I didn't have prior to attending Beauty School. I had to give you an honest review. I got the eye shadow palette in a recent order and I love it as much as I thought I would. I'm honestly kicking myself for not getting it a whole lot sooner! Every shade is gorgeous on! I posted about it on FB and SO many people commented about how much they love it! 

If you've waited to add this to your collection, wait no more! ($55 whsl / #23954)  GORGEOUS shades that are EASY to travel with, that are toxin-free and have amazing staying power??? Yes, please! 

Here are some application tips: 

I'd love to hear what you think of it! Comment below or send me a message!
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