October's YL Promos - SO Many Treats!

October's YL Promos - SO Many Treats!
What a TREAT this October is with Young Living! Indulge with self-care essentials like Frankincense, beauty-boosting Bergamot, conditioning Cedarwood, and gut-loving Life 9®*, plus three scents of the season. Scroll down to learn a bit more about each oil, including OUR family favorite uses!

400 PV tier
Retail value: $235.19
Frankincense 15ml
Bergamot 5ml
Cedarwood 15ml
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange 15ml
Cinnamon Bark 5ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg 5ml (ER Exclusive)

300 PV tier
Retail value: $135.85
Bergamot, 5 ml
Cedarwood 15ml
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

250 PV tier
Retail value: $103.29
Life 9, 30 capsules
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

190 PV tier
Retail value: $64.47
Orange, 15 ml
Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

100 PV tier
Retail value: $17.43
Nutmeg, 5 ml (ER Exclusive)

Here's a little info about each oil:

Frankincense, 15 ml
Soak in scented suds. Mix 5 drops of Frankincense with 1 tablespoon of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and pour it in your bath water for a relaxing dip. Reconnect with your purpose. Rub a drop or two of Frankincense into your hands, cup them lightly over your nose, and breathe in the grounding scent.

My Favorite Uses*:  Put a drop on the crown of your head to support clear thinking and brain health. Put a drop of Frankincense in your daily moisturizer to support youthful-looking skin.

Bergamot, 5 ml
Diffuse the tension. Life’s daily hassles are no match for the tart, tranquil scent of Bergamot. Cleanse your complexion. Add Bergamot to your night cream or toner for fresh-faced confidence.*

My Favorite Use*: Diffuse Bergamot with any of your other favorites for an added citrus scent and enjoy its uplifting benefits!

*Cedarwood, 15 ml
Tame your mane. Massage Cedarwood into your scalp for healthy-looking, touchable tresses .vKeep calm and say "om..." Breathe in Cedarwood’s grounding and relaxing aroma.

My Favorite Use: I  apply Cedarwood to the bottom of my big toes at every night at bedtime for a restful night's sleep.

Life 9, 30 capsules
Go with your gut. Get on track for healthy digestion with a capsule a day of Life 9.* Welcome wellness. Support a strong immune system with 17 billion live cultures from nine types of good bacteria.

My Favorite Use*: The gut health support of this supplement is absolutely phenomenal! 

*Orange, 15 ml
Trick and treat your senses. Diffuse 5 drops Orange, 2 drops Cinnamon Bark, and 1 drop Nutmeg for that warm cookie scent. Reveal your inner radiance. Dab Orange essential oil onto blemishes before bed! This beauty secret will have you waving goodbye to bad skin days.

My Favorite Uses*: We use this oil daily in our house.  It's one of our favorites to diffuse, use on dryer balls or put on a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the garbage can or under the seats of our car. Such a HAPPY oil!

**Cinnamon Bark, 5 ml
Indulge in some TLC. Add a few drops of Cinnamon Bark to your favorite massage oil and rub over achy muscles and joints. Rock "scentsational" spice. Blend Cinnamon Bark with a carrier oil and dab it onto your wrists or neck for an enticing personal fragrance. 

My Favorite Uses*: We go through BOTTLES of this during the fall and winter! It's hands down our favorite to diffuse during those months. Combine it with any combination of the Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cedarwood and even the Frankincense and you'll get a blend that's sure to please! SO homey and comforting and great for supporting the immune system!

Nutmeg, 5 ml
Nestle up to Nutmeg. On cool, rainy days, pair this oil’s warm and uplifting aroma with a good book and a cozy blanket. Pamper your belly. When your tummy is feeling crummy, treat yourself to a soothing stomach massage with equal parts Nutmeg essential oil and V-6.

My Favorite Uses*: Some of my friends LOVE to diffuse this at bedtime for a restful night's sleep. I love to diffuse it during the day in any fall blend combo. I also love it for the way it supports my body's natural response to inflammation. For that, I apply it on my joints. I also love the way it supports the health of my adrenals, so I put 20 drops of Nutmeg in a 10 ml roller bottle with 20 drops Endoflex, 10 drops En-R-Gee and 8 drops Clove, then I fill it the rest of the way with a carrier oil and apply it just above my kidneys where my adrenals are located.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 48 hours after applying product.

Last, but not least, here's an easy and fun DIY using any combo of Cinnamon Bark, Orange, Nutmeg, Cedarwood and Frankincense. 

Happy Oiling!

Select Savvy Minerals Shades are 50% Off!!!

Select Savvy Minerals Shades are 50% Off!!!
Y'all! Some of my VERY FAVORITE Savvy Minerals Makeup is 50% off right now!!!! WHAT?!?!?!  I had to be sure you knew about it!

If you've been wanting to switch into using clean products, now's the BEST time to do it! It's while supplies last, so we've gotta act  FAST!!!

Select shades of lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, and more (INCLUDING THE ORIGINAL PALETTE!!!!!) You can check out all the color options and pricing below.

This is clean makeup at it's best...long-lasting and beautiful! I love the colors and haven't been disappointed in any of the products I've purchased (and I have a lot of it!)

Blush | $14 (Reg price $27.75)
Captivate | Item No 22848
Charisma | Item No 22852
Passionate | Item No 20797
Serene | Item No 22856
Eyeshadow | $7.50 (Reg price $15.25)
Crushin' | Item No 20896
Determined | Item No 20781
Diffused | Item No 20894
Envy | Item No 22857
Freedom | Item No 20856
Inspired | Item No 21022
Overboard | Item No 22859
Spoiled | Item No 20784
Unscripted | Item No 20895
Eyeshadow Palette | $27.50 (Reg price $55)
No. 1 | Item No 23954
Foundation Powder | $22 (Reg price $44)
Dark No 2 | Item No 20859
Dark No 3 | Item No 20860
Dark No 4 | Item No 20861
Lip Gloss | $13.75 (Reg price $27.50)
Headliner | Item No 22073
Journey | Item No 21689
Lipstick | $11.50 (Reg price $22.75)
Daydream | Item No 21292
On A Whim | Item No 21293
Cinnamint-Infused Lipstick | $13 (Reg price $26.25)
Muse | Item No 23848
Tangerine-Infused Lipstick | $15 (Reg price $29.75)
I Dare You | Item No 23021
It Girl | Item No 23020
Sweet Life | Item No 21752
Miss Congeniality | Item No 23022
Multitasker | $10.50 | (Reg price $20.75)
Medium | Item No 23322
Tan | Item No 23323
Veil | $22.50 (Reg price $45)
Matte | Item No 23327

Here are some of the shades that are included in the sale. Don't see the shade you're interested in below? You can find all the colors and more information about Savvy Minerals Makeup on their website.

My Top 3 Reasons

My Top 3 Reasons
Yesterday, a friend asked me, "What are your top 3 reasons for doing the business?" He was referring to the Young Living business I've built over the last six years. I thought I'd share my answer with you.

  1. Freedom - both in your time / schedule and financially
  2. Create a legacy - by doing something that’s both significant and fulfilling as you make a difference in the world through bettering others’ lives and teaching them how to do the same
  3. Adventure – create and live a life that’s what you want it to be and one in which you see dreams of your heart fulfilled and expanded, doing things you may never have thought you would do!
If you've been curious to learn more about what a Young Living business could look like for you, let's chat. No pressure, no commitment, just your questions answered. You can decide from there.

New Products Launched: Summer Rally 2019!!!

New Products Launched: Summer Rally 2019!!!
I couldn't be more excited about these new products launched today! 

Here's a quick glance, along with a beautiful Sway link created by the fabulous Jill OnCall and filled with fantastic information from today's rally. You really want to check it out!

All these products are now available via Quick Order and can be added to ER orders as of September 1st. ER points can be used to purchase these products 6 months following the launch.

10 New Products At-A-Glance

  • St. Maries Lavender - Limited & SUPER special, 1 per account (Don't wait to get yours! It's WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!)
  • Seedlings Calm Essential Oil - Wait until you see what's in it!
  • New additions to our Vitality line: Cumin, Cilantro, Parsley, & Caraway - Discover their benefits and you'll fall in love even more!
  • Celebration Essential Oil - This used to be a Europe exclusive, but has now become available globally. Limited to 1 per account WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
  • Thieves Whitening Toothpaste Sachets - perfect for travel or sharing!
  • Protein Power Bites - YUM!!!! I can't wait to try these!
  • Cool Gray Pouch - Take your oils anywhere and do it in style!
Let's take a closer look and learn a bit more about each new product:

St. Maries Lavender (US Only/Limited Time Offer-while supplies last): Cultivated for 20 years by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young himself, St. Maries Lavender is back for a limited time as a small batch. This Lavender essential oil represents years of careful work to resuscitate failing French lavender and return it to its natural splendor.
Item No.: 27073
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $20.50
Retail Price: $26.97
PV: 20.5
Limit of 1 per account 

Seedlings Calm Essential Oil (US Only): The harmonious blend of Lavender, Coriander, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium provides a sweet and soothing scent that helps your little one unwind—especially at bedtime.
Item No.: 26019
Size: 5 ml
Wholesale Price: $12.75
Retail Price: $16.78
PV: 12.75 

Caraway Vitality (CA, US): Along with a balanced diet and exercise, Caraway Vitality’s natural talent as an appetite suppressant makes it a weight-management must-have.
Item No.: 27396
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $8.50
Retail Price: $11.18
PV: 8.5 

Cilantro Vitality (CA, AUS, JP, US): Keep your defense systems at 100 percent and do your overall wellness a favor with just a couple daily drops of Cilantro Vitality.
Item No.: 26944
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $15.00
Retail Price: $19.74
PV: 15 

Cumin Vitality (CA, US): Cumin is a cleansing support superstar, delivering internal cleansing properties and support for your body’s most important detoxifying organs, like the liver, kidneys, and digestive system.
Item No.: 27399
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $13.00
Retail Price: $17.11
PV: 13 

Parsley Vitality (CA, TW, PH, JP, HK, AUS, MY, US): With a daily drop of Parsley Vitality, you can take advantage of the benefits of this EO triple threat: internal cleansing, antioxidant properties, and overall wellness, as well as the crisp, bright flavor of fresh parsley.
Item No.: 26266
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $15.50
Retail Price: $20.39
PV: 15.5 

Celebration (Limited Time Offer-while supplies last, Global, Quick Order Only): a rich, earthy, herbaceous blend with an aroma that elevates emotional well-being and supports a harmonic balance. Formulated by D. Gary Young, Celebration was formerly offered exclusively in Europe to highlight the market’s grand opening in 2014.
Item No.: 5207
Size: 5ml
Wholesale Price: $46.00
Retail Price: $60.53
PV: 46 

Protein Power Bites (US Only): This advanced, high-protein snack is loaded with good-for-you ingredients and a remarkably rich blueberry-lemon flavor. Snag a Protein Power Bite for a healthy on-the-go breakfast, midday snack, or workout supplement.
Item No.: 25655
Size: 18 count
Wholesale Price: $24.50
Retail Price: $32.24
PV: 12.25 

Thieves Teeth Whitening Sachets (US Only): Thieves Whitening Toothpaste now comes in a convenient, single-use sachet perfect for travel or for giving out as a sample. This gentle toothpaste is formulated with essential oils and other natural ingredients. The whitening blend of silica, hydroxyapatite, calcium carbonate, and perlite cleans your teeth and leaves a lasting brightness and freshness.
Item No.: 27739
Size: 10 individual sachets, 1 gram each
Wholesale Price: $7
Retail Price: $9.21
PV: 3.5 

Cool Gray Pouch (Global): Tote your essentials and a trio of your oil favorites in this fashion-forward pouch. It features a vegan leather exterior with a silver-print YL logo front and center.
Item No.: N/A
Size: 7” x 4.75”
Wholesale Price: $12.00
Retail Price: $12.00
PV: N/A 

Log into your Virtual Office and place your Quick Order to get your new favorites today! Especially don't wait on the St. Maries Lavender and Celebration oils since their only while supplies last!

Need help placing your order? Reach out - we'd be glad to help!

Happy Oiling!
Andrea & Brian

New Convention Products Released!!!

New Convention Products Released!!!

I'm SUPER excited to share with you the latest YL products just launched at the 25th International Grand Convention! New supplements, Savvy Minerals palettes, whitening toothpaste, deodorant, Peace & Calming roll-on, the cutest diffuser ever, and CBD products with full PV - convention-goers can order now; the rest of us can order starting on Monday! YEA!!!! 

So much great information has already been shared in different ways and since we all learn differently, I wanted to give you some options for ways you can learn more!

First, here's a beautiful, at-a-glance Sway book that gives you all the details on each product, really filling you in on the benefits and uses for each.  You definitely want to click that link above and look through it! (Many thanks to GroWorkspace for creating this awesome booklet!)

Young Living's Training & Education team also did a fantastic video from Convention, showing each product and explaining their uses. Their video makes you feel as if you're right there in front of them! Be sure to check it out!

Additionally, the team just did a video today with Dr. Lindsey Elmore explaining the benefits of IlluminEyes, Olive Essentials, Davana & the Peace & Calming Roller. I LOVE the way Lindsey explains WHY these products work the way they do and WHY we NEED them. I can promise you that our family is going to be using the IlluminEyes for sure! Watch their video to learn more!

Also announced at Convention is our partnership with Nature's Ultra CBD products and our ability to purchase them VIA QUICK ORDER with FULL PV! This has been something that countless numbers of people have been waiting for and it's finally here! 

Here's another Sway book created with all of the details on our Seed to Seal Certified CBD products!  (Many thanks to GroWorkspace for creating this additional, awesome booklet!)

(The following instructions are from the sway book.)

To get PV for your orders, you’ll need to create an account with Nature's Ultra by following the three easy steps below. This action will link your Young Living account to Nature’s Ultra so you can earn PV and qualify for wholesale pricing. Your order history will also be visible in your Virtual Office. Oh! And your Nature's Ultra order ships FREE! For assistance, please call Nature’s Ultra at 1.801.296.9277 or send a message to hello@naturesultra.com.

  1. Login to your Virtual Office and select Quick Order
  2. Click the Nature’s Ultra CBD link right under the QO section
  3. Link your YL account to Nature’s Ultra. (Instructions will be given after you click the link)

It’s SUPER easy and just takes a second! Then you can shop and earn FULL PV!! 

Two Notes of Caution:
  1. These CBD products can affect current medications that you may be taking, much as grapefruit may affect meds and could potentially cause your current meds to become more potent. PLEASE WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR if you're currently taking any medications.
  2. If you have glaucoma or liver damage, you should not use these products.
Please check out the Nature's Ultra website for more information, including an article on "Can You Pass a Drug Test on CBD Oil?"

Here are all of the new products at a glance:

What a GREAT lineup! Which are your favorites???

If you need help ordering, please reach out and...


Andrea & Brian
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