The Cost of Ningxia Red

The Cost of Ningxia Red
This was shared today by my friend, Marcia Miller. I love her perspective!

Recently a customer told me her budget was just too tight for Ningxia. Trust me. I get that. It was a huge leap of faith for me to try it myself.

I did an unofficial test two and half summers ago. I took one pouch faithfully for 30 days. WOW! It was a busy time with many commitments I stayed well and got all my tasks accomplished. When I had some down time I stopped taking the Ningxia because I wanted to know if it really helped me *I am stubborn like that*. 

I referred to what happened next as the great Ningxia crash of 2016. I remember laying on the couch thinking if this is how I feel without it I will find the money for it. It is a sacrifice but for me it is worth it. It is easier for me to stay well than get well.
For me it is worth less downtime and more productivity.

I did however research the cheapest way to purchase it (see graphic). Depending on your purchase method it will cost $2-3 a serving. 

However, it is important to remember that with that you get the antioxidant equivalent of...

200 oranges OR
• 1628 blueberries OR
• 44 carrots OR
• 20lbs of spinach OR
• 118 broccoli florets OR
• 146 strawberries OR
• 186 apples

Which would be way more expensive and difficult to consume than 2 oz of Ningxia!

Why not join our 30 Day Ningxia Red Challenge starting January 30th?  You'll be so glad you did!

Fun Uses for Your Empty Ningxia Red Bottles!

Fun Uses for Your Empty Ningxia Red Bottles!
Instead of simply tossing your Ningxia Red bottles into the recycling bin, here are some great uses for your empty bottles!

  • Use it as a decanter at your bedside.
  • Spray paint them and use for centerpieces at parties and events. Use gold or silver for a special, holiday touch!
  • Fill with YLEO infused bath salts and keep it beside your tub or gift to others. Add in lavender blossoms, paint the bottle white and tie with raffia for an extra touch!
  • Buy a glass cutter and turn them into drinking glasses. 
  • Put lights and / or colored raffia inside and use to decorate at parties and events.  (Use bottle lights from Target or wine cork lights (strings of lights with a cork looking end that has a switch and battery, so no cord) from Amazon.) They could even be used as luminaria or as "candle lights" on wider window sills.
  • Use it to refill your diffusers with water.
  • Reuse them for homemade wine, coquito, kombucha, or elderberry syrup.
  • In warmer months, they can be made into citronella torches. You can find a little kit at Lowe’s or Home Depot. 
  • Use them for homemade creamers and store in the frig.
  • Use them for "red drink" - 2oz ningxia, water, 3 drops lime, & 1 tsp sulfurzyme powder, fill the rest of the bottle with water. Store in the frig.
  • Use for vitality infused water or olive oil.
  • Paint and gift (see ideas below and check Pinterest for more!)

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