July's Promos + Convention Products Now On ER + Back In Stock

July's Promos + Convention Products Now On ER + Back In Stock
The July promos are here and not only do they have Back to School in mind...they'll also help us be in the best mindset to make the second half of this year amazing! Check out that last oil! (#myfave)

Here's a promo overview, along with details on each product. Plus, keep scrolling for a list of all the new Convention releases - the permanent Convention products can now be added to your Essential Rewards orders!!! (A few of them are out of stock or held back from ER until YL has enough stock available. There's an asterisk on the products that will be available on ER once they're well-stocked.) 

Some of the limited time offers are still available in the Shop section of your Virtual Office! Look in the "What's New" section and explore all the amazing new options!  

Last, but not least, three product favorites came back in stock today! You can find those at the end.

Envision, 5ml - 100PV Essential Rewards exclusive
This is such a valuable blend for getting your mindset in the perfect place to plan for the future. Diffuse it with Lavender or your favorite uplifting citrus oil for a pleasant, calming aroma and get out your planner and dream board. Make a plan for the rest of this year and know you can do whatever you set your mind to!

Common Sense, 5ml - 190PV Essential Rewards exclusive
No, this is not the cure for anyone who happens to lack common sense. Although, wouldn't that be nice? Instead, this is more of a deep focus blend. When you need to set aside the worries of the day and focus on what matters in the here and now, this is the blend you should diffuse or apply to your temples and wrists. You're going to fall in love with what this one does for you!

KidScents Geneyus, 5ml - 190PV
This is going to help you as much as it does the kids when it comes time for schooling and homework. Get a roller bottle and put some of this in it so your kids can apply it themselves (it's pre-diluted) when they go to study or need to focus on a project. Diffuse it so you can all get the benefits when you're trying to help with their studies or diffuse it for yourself when you're at work. (We won't tell!)

Egyptian Gold, 5ml - 250PV
This is an invaluable blend that isn't always available, so getting it in the promos is a nice surprise! Deeper spiritual connection, intense focus during meditation and prayer, and a feeling of harmony in your spirit and life is what this blend is all about. Diffuse it by itself or with a drop or two of extra Frankincense for a very personal spiritual experience.

Valor oil blend 15ml - 300PV
I'm sure that by now, you KNOW this is my FAVORITE oil and I don't need to sing the praises of Valor, but a 15ml bottle is absolutely amazing because it's not available for purchase!!!!!! Use Valor every day for confidence to face anything the days ahead have for you and use it to calm your mind and emotions. Try diffusing 4 drops of Valor, 3 drops of Orange, and 2 drops of Frankincense. You'll love it! You deserve to feel confident, calm, and happy. This will help you get there!

Get Even More for Free When You Help Others Start Their Wellness Journey!
Want to know more? 
Ask me!

(The last column lets you know if it's available in ER starting this month.) 

***I'm waiting for my foundation color matching tool to arrive, but it will be here SOON! Let me know if you'd like to color match!

Animal Scents ParaGize, 15 ml
•    Item No.: 5720
•    Retail Price: $14.47
•    Wholesale Price: $11
•    PV: 8.25
•    No limit; Shop and Essential Rewards
Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak, 16 oz.
•    Item No.: 5352
•    Retail Price: $25.99
•    Wholesale Price: $19.75
•    PV: 19.75
•    No limit; Shop only
Thieves Wipes, 30 ct.
•    Item No.: 3756
•    Retail Price: $17.76
•    Wholesale Price: $13.50
•    PV: 13.5
•    No limit; Shop and Essential Rewards

If you have questions, need help or suggestions, or would like to color match for your foundation, please reach out. I'm here if you need me!

Happy Oiling!
Andrea & Brian

June's Summer Fun Promos!

June's Summer Fun Promos!
Get ready to ROCK your best summer ever!!! June's promos are all about SUMMER FUN!!! Don't miss the Level Up / Rank Up promos at the end of the post!

Remember that the ONLY way to get ALL the promos is through Essential Rewards (ER). Need more information on the benefits? Let's chat! I'll fill you in on the details so you can decide if it's right for you.

Let's dig into this month's promos! Here's a Sway Link with all the details.

With each promo level below that your order reaches, you'll get ALL of the promos from the levels before. So, if you place a 250 PV ER order, you'll get ALL the promos for 100, 190, and 250 PV! Such an incredible value and the BEST way to GROW YOUR OILY STASH FOR FREE! 

Let's learn more about each oil and product!

100PV (ER Exclusive) 
Want to enjoy the outdoors this summer annoyance free? Then you'll LOVE having Citronella in your toolkit! these Citronella infused Mason Jar Candles are my favorite DIY I've ever done and they're super easy to make! If you missed our most recent Summer Fun Webinar, I've got you covered! Here's a link to this simple DIY. 
Citronella also has an uplifting aroma! Add some Citrus Fresh + Lavender to Citronella in your diffuser for a fresh and clean smell in the kitchen!

190 PV
Picnic in style this summer with an exclusive YL branded picnic blanket!!! This blanket is packable, durable, and totally cleanable, which means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the weather!!

This is a member favorite!!! It's fantastic to have it as a promo oil!!! Diffuse it or roll it on your wrists and behind your ears for a relaxing aroma that will help calm everyone from your rambunctious toddler to your spunky great-grandma. Mommas LOVE to diffuse this nightly in the late afternoon before dinner or during that crazy time between dinner and bedtime.  Many can't imagine surviving life without it. Sleep is just too precious:)

250 PV
Kunzea is an amazing odor killer! Stinky shoes? Stinky armpits? Stinky kitchen? Add a few drops to get rid of any smells! Diffuse in any space that needs freshening up! Apply to fatigued muscles. It's also a great addition to a chest rub. I personally love this oil for it's upper respiratory system support. Reduce the appearance of occasional blemishes. Add to YL's Insect Repellent for a little extra boost or to Thieves Household Cleaner! This oil has a wide range of awesome uses!

300 PV
Just what the Tinman needed...Or exactly what I want after a long day of manual labor, workout, or any sort of physical activity! Convenient for “on the go” muscle recovery, pop a roller top on this oil and use it before, during, or after a workout, yard work, etc. Ohhh...and bring this with you to your next massage - it’s amazing!

There's more!!!! 
When you help two people upgrade from retail, reactivate, or enroll with Young Living and sign them up on Essential Rewards with a 100 PV order or more, you'll get eight summer oils: Carrot Seed, 5 ml; Cypress, 15 ml; Geranium, 5 ml; Stress Away™, 5 ml; Grapefruit, 15 ml; Lemongrass, 15 ml; Lime, 15 ml; and Tangerine, 15 ml. This bundle of oils will help you soak up every extra minute of daylight with obvious outdoor picks and sunshine-scented must-haves!
Do that a second time (Double Up) and you'll also get an Aroma Essential Oil Backpack (available only during June Level Up). Classy and functional, you can tote around 140 essential oils, plus laptops, wallets, and notepads, in this vegan-leather backpack!

June is a SUN-SATIONAL month for sure!!!

Got questions? Need help? Please reach out! We're here for you!

Happy Oiling!
Andrea & Brian

Incredible Back In Stock & Mother's Day Promos Announcments!!!!

Incredible Back In Stock & Mother's Day Promos Announcments!!!!
This is SO good that I had to share the news! Make sure you read the WHOLE message to be sure you catch everything!

The following items will be available for purchase at (or around) 12:00pm MT / 2:00 EST today, April 29. All products will be live by 1:00pm MT, so keep refreshing your Virtual Office screen for your favorites and must-haves!

Shop Only:
  • 7.6oz Sanitizer - limited quantity*
  • Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap Single - 30948
    • Retail: $19.41
    • Wholesale: $14.75
    • PV: $14.75
    • Limit 1 per account
*Delays in raw material limited the amount of 7.6oz Purifier YL could turn on this week. Next week there should be a larger volume available, but they are doing their best to walk the line in holding product and releasing it so those who need it can purchase it. 

Thieves Limit Change from 2 to 3 per account per month (Shop Only)**:
  • 1oz Sanitizer
  • Dish Soap
  • Household Cleaner 14.4oz
  • Laundry Soap
  • Thieves Spray Singles
  • Thieves Bar Soap
  • Thieves Cough Drops
  • Thieves Lozenges
**YL expressed that they wish they could offer higher limits for this, but to ensure the Thieves PSK is turned on *hopefully* May 6th, they are only making available what they can without risking the Thieves PSK staying out of stock. They considered not increasing limits but felt this was a good time to allow for combining shipping costs to cover one additional Thieves product that members are wanting. Please note this limit is not set for May and could change based on inventory by May 1st.

Additional Products Back in Stock (Available Via BOTH Shop & ER Orders):
  • Active and Fit Kit
    • Item: 5502
  • Multitasker Dark
    • Item: 20794
  • Mountain Savory Vitality
    • Item: 19171
  • SARA Essential Oil
    • Item: 3417
  • Cistus Essential Oil
    • Item: 3518
  • Aromaglide Fitments
    • Item: 4578
  • Lip Luxe
    • Item: 2572
  • Foundation Powder - Warm #2
    • Item: 20774

  • Welcome Home Starter Kit
    • Through May 31 or while supplies last
    • New members only

Just in time for Mother's Day gifting!!! 
This week, additional products, at 20% off, are also available for a limited time! This Mother's Day promotion will run through May 6 or while supplies last.

Mirah Mother's Day Set

ART Mother's Day Set

4 Essential Oils That Are ALL Great for Skincare + SO Much More!
  • Elemi 15ml 
  • Blue Tansy 5ml
  • Roman Chamomile 5ml
  • Manuka 5ml

That's all the news! Please reach out if you have questions, need help placing an order, or need help reactivating your account.

Happy Oiling!

Andrea & Brian

GREAT News & Perfect Timing!

GREAT News & Perfect Timing!
I woke up to this great news and wanted to be sure you had it in time to act on it! (Many thanks to Katie Harris for her write up and graphic!) Please let me know if you need help or have questions!

Helping Hands Promotion
At a time when we need them most - Young Living has not only maintained their stock of most of the products we need -- they are hard at work finding solutions to replenish the others quickly!

What's truly incredible is that now they are offering us three incredible bundles at a DISCOUNT for a limited time!
Now more than ever it’s important to keep your homes and families happy and healthy. Encourage those you love to wash their hands, take care of themselves, and keep surfaces clean. Need a helping hand with your wellness routine? YL has got you covered!

Let’s go through each bundle!

(Limit TWO per account / One-Time, "Shop" Order Only - Not Available via Essential Rewards) 

***If you aren't already a member, you can get started with a basic membership and add any of these to your order and you'll get a free Lavender lotion, too!

Item No: 33197
$84 / 84 PV
Running low on your favorites? Breathe easy! We have been keeping all the diffusers on full blast with some of these amazing oils and I am SO excited to restock these!
🌱Thieves 15 ML
🌱RC 15 ML
🌱Purification 5 ML
🌱Eucalyptus Globulus 15 ML

Item No: 33198
$128.5 / 128.5 PV
Let’s talk about everyday wellness - the antioxidant superfood infusion that is Ningxia Red, plus an incredibly unique Vitamin C supplement and a gut-loving probiotic that will keep all systems happy… YES PLEASE! Not to mention these are the 25th anniversary set of Ningxia Red… such gorgeous collector’s bottles!
🍋NingXia Red 2-pack of bottles - 25th Anniversary Edition
🍋Super C Chewable
🍋Life 9

Item No: 33199
$312.75 / 291.75 PV
Now for the big one! Get all of the above, plus a full restock of your Thieves Products: a hand soap and refill, the roll-on, a bottle of Thieves household cleaner and a mini on-the-go spray (70% alcohol), plus a bonus Thieves mouthwash!! Unreal!! Don't forget to add in something around 10 PV to hit those 300 PV promos again for a 15 ML of Gentle Baby (and JuvaFlex and a cute oils bag too!!)
💧Thieves Roll-On
💧Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 8 oz. single
💧Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 32 oz. refill
💧Thieves Spray, 1 oz.
💧Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz.
💧Thieves 15 ML
💧RC 15 ML
💧Purification 5 ML
💧Eucalyptus Globulus 15 ML
💧NingXia Red 2-pack - 25th Anniversary Edition Bottles
💧Super C Chewable
💧Life 9
💧Bonus item: Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash

March - In Like a LION with GREAT Promos!

March - In Like a LION with GREAT Promos!
March PROMOS are here and they're INCREDIBLE!!!
YL is giving away so much! CHECK OUT THE 100 PV PROMO!!! You can only get it as an ER order, so before we dig into the promos, let's quickly chat about Essential Rewards (ER).

Essential Rewards is our customizable, monthly wellness box that offers points back and additional promos. ER is hand's down the very best value for your budget, has the most freebies, and you get the most perks! You can watch this video to get more info on it. Please make sure you're ordering via Essential Rewards instead of One-Time Order!!! I always tell people - there truly are no downsides to ordering this way. Try it for 3 months. Stock up and get your free Valor this month. If you decide it's not for you, you can cancel without any penalty. Just be sure to redeem any points you've accrued first!
One other way you can save money is to utilize YL's the cheapest shipping option - YL Go. Check out this link to learn more.

Now let’s learn about these incredible March promos!

300pv: Everything below
Gentle Baby (15 ml): It's unheard of to get Gentle Baby in this size bottle. We haven't been able to get a 15 ml bottle of this oil since 2014. Gentle Baby is a blend not only that all mothers need, but has a beautiful aroma that everyone in our home enjoys. It contains oils like Jasmine and Rose. It's luxury in a bottle and is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, including being great for smoothing out our stretch marks or fine lines. Tips for mamas of littles - place a few drops on the car seat straps or on a lovey toy for baby’s comfort.

250pv: Everything Below
Travel Bag / Oil Pouch - Our oils work best when we have them with us and YL knows that! I don't know about you, but I need a few oils on my person at ALL times - in the car, in the gym bag, in any bag I carry...and all over the house. That's why YL is sending us this super cute oil pouch with our 250 PV order this month. It's so adorable with its pretty rosy-purple color and "Inhale Exhale" saying!

190pv: Everything below
Juvaflex Vitality (5ml):
This might be an oil you've never experienced or heard of before and I've never seen it offered as a promo oil. Wait until you learn what it does! A little background first...
Did you know that the liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body? Yup! The liver filters out all of the toxins that come through the things we eat, drink, breathe and put on our skin. What happens when that filter gets clogged?
If not recognized and removed, those toxins can become backlogged and are then stored in bodily tissues or fat. Particularly problematic are petrochemicals and heavy metals which can cause extreme toxicity in the body. Guess what else the liver is known for?
According to traditional Chinese medicine, anger and other negative emotions are stored in the liver. When the liver is functioning properly, it allows for the processing and releasing of both toxic emotions and physical toxins from our environment.
How do we keep that liver happy?
+ avoid alcohol and processed food
+ eat a balanced diet with fiber and limited refined carbs
+ maintain optimal hydration
+ Add some JuvaFlex to your routine!
Juvaflex contains Helichrysum, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Fennel, Rosemary and Blue Tansy. It is labeled for internal use as a Vitality oil and is also used topically and aromatically.
Let's learn more about their properties and what they're known for:
- Helichrysum is very gentle and highly restorative, it's a big-time detoxifier. It fosters patience and persistence. We use this on any serious boo-boo with fast results... a miracle oil, truly.
- Geranium has some interesting research for liver/pancreas/bile ducts that you should check out in your pocket reference. Emotionally this oil releases negative memories and fears of abandonment to promote self-acceptance and uplift the spirit.
- Roman Chamomile has been known to support digestive and liver function for centuries. Emotionally it helps with nervous tension and brings feelings of inner peace. Wonderful for skin and sleep, too!
- Fennel is great for digestion, menstrual relief and also for stimulating the movement of "stuck" energy. During medieval times, it was used to ward off evil spirits and fortify soldiers with strength and confidence.
- Rosemary is amazing for supporting the liver, and immunity. It's in THIEVES, after all! It enhances mental clarity and concentration. On the emotional side it promotes Loyalty to self, and walking proudly in our truth, our destiny or our purpose.
- Blue Tansy is so soothing, and so BLUE. This potent little treasure releases anger, calms feelings from being overwhelmed, and helps us identify what is irritating us, so that we can embrace more flow and more chill.
So, in addition to amazing liver support, JuvaFlex was formulated to clear the emotions of blame, feeling unappreciated, feeling deprived and feeling angry. It helps foster feelings of being supported, appreciated as well as contentment and forgiveness.
Use this oil to cleanse generational and learned beliefs around anger and decision making. The sooner you own what's creating anger and blocking your choices, the sooner you'll be moving forward!

How to use it:
+ Add 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule
+ And / or apply 1-2 drops over your liver
Do this consistently for 30 days and see how you feel!

Clarity (5ml / ER exclusive): This is one of my FAVORITE blends to diffuse and / or apply when I'm working or tackling a focused project. Use this blend to promote a clear mind and to amplify mental alertness and vitality. It increases energy when overly tired and brings greater focus to the spirit and the mind. A few years ago at convention Gary shared if you diffuse Clarity and put Forgiveness over the heart - this combo helps you break destructive emotional patterns. And putting Clarity behind your ears and on the back of your neck with Believe on your forearms with help you see your path and believe in your ability to go after it.

100 PV (ER exclusive): DRUMROLL, PLEASE!!!
Valor (5ml): (Insert MASSIVE happy dance!!!) First of all, wholesale, this is a $40 oil!!!!! I have never seen a 100pv promo at this high of a value! Valor is an amazing blend that includes the following single oils:
+ Black Spruce (balance and grounding)
+ Camphor (grounding)
+ Blue Tansy (overcoming anger and promoting a feeling of self-control)
+ Frankincense (elevating mind to overcome stress)
+ Geranium (peaceful and relaxing)
Valor is my "desert island oil" - the ONE oil I would choose if I could only have ONE oil with me while stranded. It's a "confidence-building" oil and is useful for feelings of anxiousness and fear. This blend was formulated to balance energies and instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It also helps support the body in it's ability to self-correct its balance and alignment. My back LOVES this oil!!!

There you have it! These promos had me hooked the moment they said Valor. Add all the rest on top of it? Almost too good to be true! What are you looking forward to the most??? 
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