Kickin' Off June Newsletter!

Kickin' Off June Newsletter!
Happy June, friend!

I have such excitement and anticipation for all that this new month holds! I have lots of great information to share as we kick off this new month, not the least of which is the fact that June is Convention month!

Be sure to register to get your digital ticket by June 5th! After that, tickets will no longer be available to purchase.

WHY do you want a Convention ticket? Not only will you have access to PHENOMENAL learning opportunities from the comfort of your own home, you'll be able to purchase your favorite, new YL products before anyone else

Those with tickets will have the first chance to place their product orders and if 7 years history of being a YL oiler is any indication, at least some Convention products WILL SELL OUT before they're released to the general public.

At $75, these tickets are worth FAR more, especially since you can access all of the educational and personal development opportunities from the finest in the field until August 21st, and you'll be in the know on all of the announcements and be able to catch special presentations! It's truly an amazing experience and on this platform, so many more will be able to participate without crowds and waiting in long lines! You don't want to miss this special event!

***If you want to check out what vendors are selling before Convention, 
register at
It starts June 4th - 17th.

June's promos are all about SUMMER FUN!!!  You can learn more about the uses of these amazing oils on this link or you can check out this SWAY.

Want to get 8 fantastic oils for free that are perfect for summertime?  Help two people upgrade from retail, reactivate, or enroll with Young Living and sign them up on Essential Rewards with a 100 PV order or more and you'll get: Carrot Seed, 5 ml; Cypress, 15 ml; Geranium, 5 ml; Stress Away™, 5 ml; Grapefruit, 15 ml; Lemongrass, 15 ml; Lime, 15 ml; and Tangerine, 15 ml. 

Do that two more times and you'll get an awesome, vegan-leather backpack that holds up to 140 oils, along with your laptop, wallet, and other essentials!

Remember that YL sends you a $50 thank you check for each person you help to get started with a Premium Starter Kit, so you could also get $200 when you Level Up / Double Up! Want to learn more about the business side of YL? Let's chat! I'd be happy to answer your questions, NO pressure!

Did you know that your gut and your brain are comprised of the SAME tissue? If one is off in its overall health, then the other will be affected. I can't tell you how often I hear digestive-related complaints, along with complaints about foggy thinking and memory recall! When we support our gut and brain health, we can feel better overall! 

Join us this Thursday, June 4th, at 8:00 p.m. EST 
to learn some great ways to care for your gut and your brain!

Register using this link to receive the webinar link, as well as a resource handout the following day. 

Can't make that timing? While it's always better to attend live so you can participate in the Q & A, the event will be recorded. Still RSVP so I know to send you the recording along with the resource handout.

Save the dates for these upcoming webinar topics (webinar titles TBA) and check back soon to register!

This is such a fantastic resource! Are you looking for a digital guide that will help you learn more about the basics of what essential oils are, why YL's are different, and how to use them? You're going to love this online booklet! 

You can access "Getting Started with Essential Oils" using this link. 

Here are some updates about some of the Out of Stock products.
In Stock Thieves
  • All Thieves products that are currently in stock, except the Thieves PSK, will be made available for purchase on Essential Rewards starting June 1.
  • Please note, this may cause some of the SKUs to sell-out within the first days or week of June. The supply team continues to procure as much of each SKU as quickly as possible.
Out of Stock Thieves
  • Thieves wipes will be returning soon, but with limited inventory, so will not be placed on ER
  • Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak is tentatively scheduled to return the end of June. We do not know if it will return to ER at that time. It will be based on available inventory
Aria and Rainstone Diffusers
  • The dates on both of these diffusers are still fluid. We expect them both to be available before the end of June.

***Personal Note: I'm going to stop sending out the Wednesday updates from Corporate unless a promotion is announced. I feel like I'm bombarding you with emails and it seems that the announcements are going to continue weekly for the time being. All the latest news is available in our FB groups, as well as on YL's social media and other outlets. If you would like me to send you notification on the products that come back in stock each week, please let me know. I would be happy to send that to you!

I couldn't end this week's info-packed email without a couple of diffuser recipes for you to enjoy at the start of June! Here you go!

If we can help in any way, please reach out! If you'd like to receive our weekly newsletter containing tips for healthy living, recipes, and practical ways to use YLEOs & supplements, please send us a message and ask to be added to our list!

Happy Oiling!
Andrea & Brian

June's Summer Fun Promos!

June's Summer Fun Promos!
Get ready to ROCK your best summer ever!!! June's promos are all about SUMMER FUN!!! Don't miss the Level Up / Rank Up promos at the end of the post!

Remember that the ONLY way to get ALL the promos is through Essential Rewards (ER). Need more information on the benefits? Let's chat! I'll fill you in on the details so you can decide if it's right for you.

Let's dig into this month's promos! Here's a Sway Link with all the details.

With each promo level below that your order reaches, you'll get ALL of the promos from the levels before. So, if you place a 250 PV ER order, you'll get ALL the promos for 100, 190, and 250 PV! Such an incredible value and the BEST way to GROW YOUR OILY STASH FOR FREE! 

Let's learn more about each oil and product!

100PV (ER Exclusive) 
Want to enjoy the outdoors this summer annoyance free? Then you'll LOVE having Citronella in your toolkit! these Citronella infused Mason Jar Candles are my favorite DIY I've ever done and they're super easy to make! If you missed our most recent Summer Fun Webinar, I've got you covered! Here's a link to this simple DIY. 
Citronella also has an uplifting aroma! Add some Citrus Fresh + Lavender to Citronella in your diffuser for a fresh and clean smell in the kitchen!

190 PV
Picnic in style this summer with an exclusive YL branded picnic blanket!!! This blanket is packable, durable, and totally cleanable, which means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the weather!!

This is a member favorite!!! It's fantastic to have it as a promo oil!!! Diffuse it or roll it on your wrists and behind your ears for a relaxing aroma that will help calm everyone from your rambunctious toddler to your spunky great-grandma. Mommas LOVE to diffuse this nightly in the late afternoon before dinner or during that crazy time between dinner and bedtime.  Many can't imagine surviving life without it. Sleep is just too precious:)

250 PV
Kunzea is an amazing odor killer! Stinky shoes? Stinky armpits? Stinky kitchen? Add a few drops to get rid of any smells! Diffuse in any space that needs freshening up! Apply to fatigued muscles. It's also a great addition to a chest rub. I personally love this oil for it's upper respiratory system support. Reduce the appearance of occasional blemishes. Add to YL's Insect Repellent for a little extra boost or to Thieves Household Cleaner! This oil has a wide range of awesome uses!

300 PV
Just what the Tinman needed...Or exactly what I want after a long day of manual labor, workout, or any sort of physical activity! Convenient for “on the go” muscle recovery, pop a roller top on this oil and use it before, during, or after a workout, yard work, etc. Ohhh...and bring this with you to your next massage - it’s amazing!

There's more!!!! 
When you help two people upgrade from retail, reactivate, or enroll with Young Living and sign them up on Essential Rewards with a 100 PV order or more, you'll get eight summer oils: Carrot Seed, 5 ml; Cypress, 15 ml; Geranium, 5 ml; Stress Away™, 5 ml; Grapefruit, 15 ml; Lemongrass, 15 ml; Lime, 15 ml; and Tangerine, 15 ml. This bundle of oils will help you soak up every extra minute of daylight with obvious outdoor picks and sunshine-scented must-haves!
Do that a second time (Double Up) and you'll also get an Aroma Essential Oil Backpack (available only during June Level Up). Classy and functional, you can tote around 140 essential oils, plus laptops, wallets, and notepads, in this vegan-leather backpack!

June is a SUN-SATIONAL month for sure!!!

Got questions? Need help? Please reach out! We're here for you!

Happy Oiling!
Andrea & Brian