As You Enter 2022...Let Go!!!

Let go!
This is my favorite week of the year. 

It’s a time for me to take extra time listening to the Lord and really focus in on hearing what He’s telling me about the year to come. I begin asking Him weeks prior to this, but this is when it becomes solidified in my spirit.

I ask Him for a one-word focus for the new year, but I also ask Him for a one-word focus for each month. I write them all down, then as the new month begins, I ask Him what He’s saying prophetically as it relates to that word. I’ve been in awe as I’ve listened to Him and watched those words be fulfilled, as well as be confirmed by other prophetic voices I greatly respect. It’s been an affirmation to my heart that I’m hearing from Him, and I treasure that.

So far, I have my 2022 word, as well as monthly words for January-May. The funny thing? I fought Him on the word for April because it was a two-word phrase instead of being a single word. I even rephrased it into a single word and was going to go with that – until God clearly let me know this was truly the “word” for that month by confirming it through others.

Here’s the thing…While it’s the word He’s given to me for April, I believe with all my heart it’s also a “now” word – one that needs to be put into effect as we move into the New Year.

“LET GO.” 
Friend, there are things God doesn’t want you to take into 2022. He’s been speaking to you about them in a variety of ways. These things that you’re fighting to hold onto aren’t going to serve you well as you move into the new year. God wants to do a new thing and old wineskins are going to burst if you try to fill them with His new wine. 

It’s going to take trust. I see shifts in jobs and businesses, as well as in relationships. There are things you’re holding onto believing things will change for the better with them, but the better is different than what you’ve believed it to be. 

I believe some are fighting to stay where they are – in location, life situations, ministries, and more. You’re hanging on when God is asking you to let go. That may or may not mean that the things you’ve been holding onto will no longer be part of your life. That’s a conversation for you to have with Jesus and be led by Him. 

In letting go and trusting Him, I see so much blessing being poured out – financial, peace, health, and a settling into destiny like never before. It’s going to take letting go to move forward. 

You can’t swim in the deep end if you don’t let go of the side of the pool. 

A baby can’t walk, and eventually run, without first letting go of the hands and objects he or she has been holding onto to steady them. 

So what if you fall when you let go? Fall forward! Then, stand up and take another step! 
You can’t run weighted down by a heavy pack on your back. 


It’s crucial for you to let go in order for you to walk in the fullness of what God has for you in 2022. Take these next couple of days and do business with God. Be real with Him. Wrestle with Him over the things you’re struggling with letting go of and ask Him to meet you in those places. He won’t disappoint you, my friend. He CAN be trusted. He loves you SO much!!!!

Happy New Year, friend! Our prayer is that you enter into 2022 lighter than ever, unhindered in running forward in your destiny and calling!

Living for Him, 
Andrea & Brian
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Cave Hiding

I’ve been hiding in a “cave.” Feeling lost, alone, unsure, I haven’t known what to say, so I’ve stayed quiet. This has come during a time when I’ve heard the Lord more constantly and clearly than ever before and what I’ve heard from Him has been confirmed over and over again through so many prophetic sources.

Despite that, I’ve allowed shame, fear of man, and wondering if I’m being judged to keep me hidden from sight and my voice silenced when I know that’s the farthest thing from what I’m called to be. These lies of the enemy have been a strategy and plan to keep me from moving forward in what I know the Lord has called me to in this new season.

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

The season of the Lord changed, and I had to change with it. Old wineskins would no longer hold the new wine He was longing to pour out. I could no longer wear the garments that had once fit and been comfortable.

It’s left people questioning and those I love dearly not understanding the decisions I was making in following the Lord. I haven’t fully understood His leading either, but I knew it was Him and despite the constant confirmations, I still questioned if what I was doing was “right.”

I walked in shame because the approval and blessing I’d hoped for from man wasn’t there. It wasn’t enough for me to know with certainty that I’d heard from God and had total peace in following Him. Like Elijah, I found a cave to hide in and sat in my perceptions.

Prior to Elijah hiding out in the cave, he had just experienced an incredible victory over the enemy (I Kings 18). The enemy was none too happy about it and spoke death threats over him, producing tremendous fear, doubt, and misgivings in his heart (1 Kings 19:1-3). Elijah allowed the voice of one to drown out the Voice of One who had just shown His power and might to be far greater.

The voice he listened to brought him to such a place of discouragement, defeat, and depression that he longed to die. He fled to the wilderness where was strengthened by an angel more than once, then sent on a journey to a mountain where he went into a cave.

In this cave, God asked him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (I Kings 19:9b, NKJV)

God didn’t ask Elijah this question because He didn’t know the answer. He was asking for Elijah’s sake. He wanted Elijah to recognize what was in his heart, as well as the lies he had allowed himself to believe. What was God’s answer to Elijah? To go out and stand in His presence.

It was there the Lord once again asked him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” (I Kings 19:13b)

Elijah’s response was the same as it had been the first time God had asked him. Oh, how I understand Elijah! I’ve been a broken record before God over these last few months in my cave. I’ve poured out my cries of, “You, said . . . !” And now I feel alone, and unsure, longing for blessing, affirmation, and a sending off into destiny . . . 

I’ve felt God speak to me much as He spoke to Adam and Eve in the Garden when He asked them, “Who told you that you were naked?” (Gen. 3:11) In essence, He was asking me the same question. Who told me I was being judged? (What would it really matter if I was?) Who told me that I needed the blessing of man when I had the blessing of God? Who told me that the minority was greater than the majority? Who told me that following God wasn’t enough?

Lies. They were death threats to my destiny . . . and I listened to them. I hid in my cave feeling like I had nothing to say, so I didn’t say much of consequence for weeks that became months. I shrank back from being the fiery, passionate, warrior I know I am – the one who strikes fear in the camp of the enemy because of the One who lives and moves and breathes within me.

Outside of the cave, God gave Elijah clear instructions regarding his next steps and, in so doing, dispelled the lies of the enemy. He strengthened Elijah in His presence as He showed Elijah His glory. In the face of that glory, Elijah was able to hear the truth that gave him forward movement in his destiny.

It’s a time for each of us to go out and stand in God’s presence, allow God to ask us what we’re doing in the places we’re in, then allow Him to speak truth to our spirits and souls that will position and propel us in our destinies in this new season.

This isn’t about us as individuals. This is all about a world in need of the One who has defeated the enemy and our roles in enforcing that victory. We have mandates to fulfill on the earth and we can’t do it hiding in caves.

I’m emerging from my cave, getting into His presence, and listening for the next steps He’s telling me. I’m determined to walk out what He reveals and I’m wearing my combat boots as I take each step.

No more hiding in fear.
No more silence.
No more eyes on man.

I have to fulfill my role in bringing heaven to earth and it’s imperative I carry out His mandates assigned to me. He’s positioning me and propelling me forward. I may not fully know what that looks like, but I trust the One who does, and I’ll follow Him anywhere.

What's God speaking to you outside of the cave?

I linked a song below that's great to play as you spend time in His presence listening to Him speak to your heart. I'd love to hear what He shares with you!

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November Prophetic Word: Position

November Prophetic Word: Position

Over the last several months of this year, there’s been a progression happening in the Spirit – listen, shift, adjust, deeper, and this month . . . POSITION. There’s a divine positioning happening in both the spiritual and natural realms because God is moving His remnant into place to fulfill His present mandate.
There are many who are feeling restless. They’ve wondered at their restlessness, fought against it, questioned it, even felt shame over it. They’ve prayed and sought God’s peace to replace it. This restlessness is by design. You feel restless because you’re not meant to stay where you are. God is positioning you and that requires movement from where you’ve been into where He wants to take you. This is destiny- and calling-related. Embrace being uncomfortable and don’t be afraid of feeling unsettled or restless. There’s design and purpose in it.

I saw a chessboard and chess pieces being moved around on it. What drew my attention were the movements being made in order to make the path clear for a particular piece to have an unobstructed path to be positioned for victory. There was a time of waiting while the movements of the other pieces were completed. All the while, the positioning of what lie ahead was kept in mind by the piece patiently waiting.

Embrace the waiting. Stay in the timing of God. Don’t try to push ahead, yet don’t hold back allowing fear to paralyze you from moving forward. The things and people being positioned prior to you moving into place is necessary for hindrances to be removed from your path. That doesn’t mean these things or people are hindrances to you. It simply means that you’re on the same side of the board and each is being placed where needed for victory. Bless those who seem to move ahead of you. Keep your eyes set on Him and where He’s bringing you.

You’re moving into unfamiliar territory. Expect to be uncomfortable. Keep your eyes on Him - He’ll remain your guiding compass. Trust that He knows the way before you and has already gone ahead of you.
This is a time for you to “come into your own” while living a life utterly surrendered to the Lover of Your Soul. He’s positioning you as His Beloved and from that place of knowing the depths of His love for you as you never have before, you’ll rise and walk as one who more fully knows who you are in Him. His love will transform and empower you for the position He’s called you to at this moment in time and you will be utterly amazed at who you’ve become in your oneness with Him.

The timing for this positioning is key as we prepare to enter a new year. There’s a setting in place for what lies ahead. Position yourself at His feet in worship, in surrender, with a willing heart, and with open hands. Allow Him to bring you to a greater place of consecration and sanctification. Be willing to take risks. Be willing to let go. Find yourself secure in Him and know He can be trusted – even in the unknown.
He’s positioning you for greatness in the days ahead.
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – ’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’

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Prophetic Word for August 2021: Shift

As I asked the Lord what was on His heart as a word for August, He reminded me to look at the word I’d written down for this month back in December when I had asked Him then for a one-word focus for each month of the new year.

I hadn’t looked ahead at the words I’d written down, so when I saw the word, “Shift,” it resonated so deeply with me in a fresh way. It felt so “right” and made so much sense to me because I realized in some ways, it built on the 
Tipping Point word He’d given me last month and it connected with some recent things I’d been growing in with Him.

What I sense the Lord saying is that August is a month when He wants to bring about long-awaited shifts in our lives, but they’re going to require conscious choices. Let me explain using a situation I recently walked through as an example.

Last week, I was battling a nasty, summer cold. I woke up from a long nap, knew I wasn’t in a great place with my health, and really wondered if I had pneumonia setting in. I asked Brian and our youngest son, Nehemiah, to pray for me and said, “I NEED Jesus . . .”

No sooner were those words out of my mouth, when I heard the Lord speak to my heart. He said, “You can choose health or sickness. Which do you want?”

Which do I want? Of course, I wanted health!
Isn’t that what I wanted???

Oh . . . I was teetering on wanting to be a victim – seen as one in need of extra care and love, having things being done for me, and wanting those I love to feel bad for me . . .

That came to a screeching halt!

NO! I did NOT want to be a victim and I didn’t want to be sick! I wanted to be well – totally healthy! I chose health and three times, I spoke out, “I choose health!”

That’s when the shift occurred, and I began to get well. But . . . I had to choose the shift I wanted and let go of the unwanted.

I believe this is the key to the shift that God wants to bring into our lives this month.

While processing this word with a dear friend this week, she reminded me of two things. First, she said it made her think of the scene in “The Chosen” when Jesus heals the paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda (Season 2, Episode 4). She suggested I watch that scene again because she felt there was something in it for me connected to this word. She was absolutely right!

In this depiction, as Jesus stood before the man and asked him if he wanted to be healed, the man came up with so many arguments as to why it wasn’t possible. After hearing him out, Jesus told the man to look at Him and said, “That’s not what I asked. I’m not asking you about who’s helping you. Or who’s not helping. Or who’s getting in your way. I’m asking about you.”

The paralytic responded with, “I’ve tried . . .” and Jesus said, “For a long time. I know. And you don’t want false hope again. I understand. But this pool – it has nothing for you. It means nothing. And you know it. But you’re still here. Why?” (I’ll let you watch the rest of the 

Several things stood out to me in this depiction of John 5:1-15. Like the paralytic man, when we’re faced with situations and circumstances needing a shift in our lives, we can easily come up with so many arguments as to why it’s not possible – especially if we’ve been waiting on this shift for a while.

It can also be really easy to shift the blame to others, making them the reason why the shift hasn’t yet taken place in our lives. I believe the Lord is lovingly reminding us that the shift we’ve been waiting on and longing for rests with us.

Yes, we’ve waited and hoped and been disappointed countless times and we can become incredibly discouraged in the process. Sometimes it’s important to ask ourselves what we’ve really been putting our hope in. Has our hope been in a type of “pool” in our lives?

Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves why we’re still here . . .

The second thing my friend mentioned that came to her mind is the scripture found in Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

This scripture SO undergirds the shift that God wants to bring to us this month. Will we choose the things that bring “death” to our lives, or will we choose what’s life-giving?

Will we choose not to be a victim, grab hold of what’s wanted, and leave the unwanted behind? Will we stop making excuses, blaming others (or even blaming God), and will we place our hope in the only One who can bring about the shift we’ve been needing?

We get to choose.

What will your shift look like this month? I’m praying for you, my friend, and speaking LIFE over you!

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